Delivery Guy


Eeteuk ordered once and found the delivery guy cute.  He ordered again from another but still found the same delivery guy on his doorstep.  It must be fate so he tried to get to know more about the delivery guy.


Thanks to --eurynome from Luxicity Graphics for the poster and background~ <3


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54n81r1 #2
Chapter 1: Wah Minnie as a f1 driver? Daebak
naruwookie #3
Chapter 1: otl, training to be F1 driver by taking deliveries jobs, that's explain why i always got my pizza quickly. xD anyway, shame on you, Sungmin's ex-boyfie, you should know Sungmin is very precious, hmmph. u-u And Eeteuk are so cute.. and pervy. lolol kidding not pervy much, dreaming about that is normal. uwu
kuroka #4
Chapter 1: "Jishu's Pizza" :D what kind of pizza do you serve there? Do you recommend the place? (i'm being weird haha) HELLO KITTY XD

Your stories are always awesome. Thanks to you i started to like teukmin. (>___<)
PaperSong #5
Chapter 1: awww so sweet~ >.<
CyJinliTurtle #6
Chapter 1: Don't really remember if I ever read this before because it seems half familiar and half not. Enjoyed it nevertheless. XD
Kuehki #7
Chapter 1: Awww, this story was so sweet~ Just lovely unnie, and I like the name of one of the shops Sungmin works at*nudge, nudge*

I would have never thought of this couple, very cute^^
AkumaRabbito #8
Chapter 1: Aaaaaw so sweet :3
LovingKitty #9
Chapter 1: OMO so cute 6^^
TheMoron #10
Chapter 1: Aww, so sweet :)... I liked it!

"Eeteuk tried to help but found out that one sack was really very happy" <-- LOL, what? Happy? I think you meant heavy :D :D

...and the wet dream... Poor Leeteuk, but at least Sungmin knew that Leeteuk like him, hahaha :D
KyuteukLover #11
awww,its so beautifully written.Why don't you try amd write TeukMin again or,even better for me,KyuTeuk.You're so good.I envy you.Fighting,author.Make more good stories later. <3