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Chapter 8 - MEET B2ST and the unexpected guest? xD

THERE GOES MY 2ND CHAPTER OF THE DAY!! Don't worry, you can't escape from me, if you're a subscriber, you'll see your username at the bottom! xD  I'll have a little quiz, just for fun~ Heheh~ xD sry for the gramar mistakes~
It was all dark when Hyewon went into her house, suddenly the lights opened! Confettis were thrown at her. A lot of guys were here.. (HYEWON WAS THE ONLY GIRL. .O______O')
-Hyewon! Congratulations! Your speech was really great today! The best brother that you can have said. (GUESS WHO! 8D)
-Oppa! Thank you! Hyewon hugged him and gave him a kiss on the cheeks. (Srsly.. Hyewon do kiss a lot of persons.. Aish.. )
-Only saying thank you to our saeng and not us? A cute guy pouted(B2UTIES, WHERE ARE YOU? XD YOU SHOULD KNOW WHO THIS IS RIGHT? XD)
-Yeah, only to the maknae, not to the leader? Another guy frowned his eyebrows
-Hyung! You should be a good example to us, not a jealous guy! A cute guy with bull look a like eyes said.(Sorry, I couldn't resist but say cute, since he's my bias <3 xDD)
-I'll be the good example, when you want to congrats someone, you should give something, I'll give her my dance! This huy started dancing, like a dance machine, he was really pro at it! (Idk, but my friend say he's the best at dancing in B2ST.. xD)
-Nah, rapping's better. I'll show my y rap. A cool looking guy said, then started rapping few parts. (Obviously.. rap.. xD)

| Cute guy that pouted = ? | Guy that frowned his eyebrows = ? | Bull eyes guy = ? (<3) | Dancer = ? | Rapper = ? |  
It's just a quiz hahah if you guessed it right, good! xDD If no... fine, I'M SURE YOU'RE GOOD WITH OTHER GROUPS xD Answers would be at the bottom~)

-Psh, okay~ Hyunseung oppa, Junhyung oppa, Gikwang oppa, Doojoon oppa and Yoseob oppa, thank you for this party! I love you guys so much! She shouted happily
-Yeah, this is better. Yoseob cutely smiled
-But, there's someone you forgot to thanks. Dongwoon said.
-Oppa, who? She innocently blanked
Dongwoon then pointed at a guy. Hyewon's best friend that sneaked in her room on the morning. MYUNGSOO AKA L!
-L? So you didn't come because you were here preparing all of these? Hyewon asked
-No , I'm not that dumb to believe that you really got kidnapped, plus, Jaehyo was just stupid to call me and say Hyewon's with me, come save her like always did. That's why I called that dude named.. L.joe..? I gave him the adress and yeah. L said (OHHH.. SO THAT'S WHY... OH.. )
-Psht. We all thought you were in a gang fight. She sticked her tongue out. 
-But true, I was fighting with some other gangs when he called. He nodded his head.
-Aish, it'll cause us trouble if the media knew that we have a gangster friend. Doojoon joked
-Well, if they knew that I had a violent sister, it'll be worse. Dongwoon sighed and then laughed
-Oppa! She pinched his arm
-O-ouch! I'm sorry Hyewon-a~ Forgive your oppa~ Please? He showed his puppy eyes that no one can really resist.
-It can work on any girl, just not me. She sticked her tongue out again and everyone laughed
They spent 2 hours having a little party, Doojoon and Yoseob were playing Super.Mario.Bros.Wii., Hyunseung and Junhyung were just drinking alcohol and being drunk... They were seriously drunk... They even started singing and rapping some non sense sentences... (SO CUTE <3 XDD) Dongwoon and Gikwand were just playing cards... They were like.. seriously having a bet, lotering. Hyewon and Myungsoo didn't want to join the 'adults' neither the 'child', so they went into Hyewon's room and started talking about everything. Since Jaehyo and Kyung were back, they talked a lot about their childhood moments, they both has really refreshing memories. At a random moment, L took a pillow and hit on her, they started a pillow fight, 30 minutes later, wow, Hyewon's room became a real mess. Even though it was already a mess before? Hyewon was not a really clean one... They were both couched on Hyewon's bed right now (PLEASE DON'T THINK DIRTY. XD), at 2am on the morning.
-Myuuuuuuuuuuuuung~ Still up? Hyewon whispered
-Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah~ You too? Can't sleep? L's voice felt sleepy.
-Thank you for waking up even though you were sleeping. She happily whispered.
-Wait, what? Couldn't hear you. He turned his head to fix Hyewon.
-Ah, I said sing me a song, I can't sleep. Thank you.
-Psh. Fine. But I don't sing well. He sticked his tongue out.

[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LnElZ92t5dU] (I WAS LIKE WTF WHEN I COULDN'T FIND ANY SONGS HE SANG, ALONE. D; AT LEAST I FOUND THIS, BUT WHY? WHY WOMAN? WHY DID YOU HAVE TO TALK? GO WATCH SHUT UP FLOWER BOY BAND <3 I'm not a proud Inspirit, still not done with the drama yet .________.')
Hyewon felt asleep, and Myungsoo can felt that, so he stopped singing, and went back into his dreamland~ 
The next morning, when they woke up, they went downstairs... 
Done~ hahah xD Yeah, there didn't really have actions.. I have to talk about some boring stuffs before going into the real drama! xD There'll be a lot of chapters!! :) Fine, now the answers!! 
| Cute guy that pouted = YOSEOB | Guy that frowned his eyebrows = DOOJOON | Bull eyes guy = HYUNSEUNG (<3) |
Dancer = GIKWANG | Rapper = JUNHYUNG |
Hope you all guessed it right? xD 



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