Lazy Genius


Junhyung gets tutoring from Yoseob.

Little does Yoseob know that Junnie is only taking this as a chance to~

to WHAT?

That's for you to read and find out.


Hellooooooo my third one shot!

And this is my first attempt at !

-hides away-

I'm currently typing this in Word so expect it soon.


P.S. Junseob moments during MBC IDOLS AND BEAUTIFUL SHOW! -dies-


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Yuki_IS #1
Chapter 1: So so so so cute!!!!!
RIS_Yoseob #2
Chapter 1: MORE~~ XD <3 it was great~~ XD
xDaeDae #3
-Flips aff,- i didn't finish yet

But, i forguve you, cuz i lOvee it<3

Thanks for shaaaaring~
xDaeDae #4
Saved, printed, bookmarked,
DAMN This .
i was reading this class....
I_Luvz_Pie #5
Oh my gosh I love this fic so much <3 especially the last part
iamlovers #6
woahhh *_*
awesome xD
Kitsune #7
I promise you, I've read your fanfic quite many times!! If you can please try to write another fanfic somewhat similar to this onee!!~ Sneaky little Junnie!! LOVE THIS!
TheDevilSaidHey #8
I judged this so hard.