Chapter 2


Heechul shut his locker door with a slam and sighed. "Free lunch or detention." He muttered, his stomach growling as he did so. "Eeteuk would be upset if I got detention." He groaned but headed to the cafeteria anyway.

After getting his tray, he went back to the hallway and slipped inside unnoticed.


He perched himself gently on the window and got out his book, eating with one hand and writing down definitions sloppily with the other. After dropping sauce on his paper, he jumped up, his things crashing to the floor. "! Aish." He swore, setting his food down and grabbing his books and things, shoving them back into his bag.


"Damn it." He growled, leaning back against the wall, his lunch forgotten. "I can't concentrate." He muttered, taking out the game console and running his fingers over it. It was a bit scratched up but it seemed to be fine otherwise. As his fingers left the console, Heechul felt a rush of energy and yelped, his tray behind him crumpling up into a tight ball as someone poked their head out of the class Heechul had just left earlier.


Kyuhyun left the classroom and approached his locker, replacing the books from morning classes with those needed in the afternoon. He pulled his laptop from his locker before heading towards the library. As he walked he noticed Heechul sat underneath one of the windows in the hallway, the older boy looked noticeably frustrated but Kyuhyun decided not to poke his nose in, remembering what happened the last time he offered someone his help, his laptop got smashed to pieces right in front of him. 
Heechul raised his head, slamming it against the wall in frustration, and opened his eyes as Kyuhyun passed. They smiled at each other and Kyuhyun nodded his head at the older boy, feeling himself blush for some unknown reason, he quickly turned and headed up the staircase and through the library doors. He sat an empty table and opened his laptop, setting to work on the homework for his remaining classes.
He found himself distracted once more, surfing the internet rather than typing up his essay, reading books rather than doing his math work. He ran his fingers through his hair and rubbed the back of his neck, he removed his jacket and hooking it over the back of his chair, before he stretched and continued to type.

Heechul pouted as Kyuhyun walked by and blushed. He's hoped maybe he would at least speak. "Guess that figures. Who wants to talk to the loner?" He sighed before standing and grabbing his ruined tray to dump it.


After grabbing his bag, he headed to the library to drop off his book that was due. He plopped his book down on the front desk and turned to leave, pausing as he spotted Kyuhyun sitting at one of the tables on his laptop.


Hesitating slightly, he approached the table and sat on the edge of it. "Um.. hi... again. I just wanted to say thanks for fixing the game. I got it for uh.... my little brother's birthday." He said, looking at his lap.


Another student spotted the two and headed over as Kyuhyun stood up. "It wasn't hard to do so no problem. I've been meaning to ask..." Kyuhyun said, intending to ask about his striking eyes as he got ready to go to his next class.


The student walked by, shoving Kyuhyun as he did and causing him to stumble into Heechul, landing the older boy on his back on the table and his lips pressed to Kyuhyun's.


Both boys' eyes widened and Heechul pushed Kyuhyun off of him. His eyes were dilated and gold streaks ran through them as he fought to subdue the rush of energy that shot through him. Kyuhyun let out a yell as his computer screen shattered.


“What…No! All of my work is on there! This… this can’t be happening” Kyuhyun mumbled as he sank to his knees, tears gathering at the corners of his eyes. Heechul froze before raising his hands to cover his mouth.
“Kyuhyun I… im so sorry” he backed up slowly, his eyes wide from the shock of what just happened, before his back connected with a bookshelf and stopped him in his tracks. 
Kyuhyun picked up his laptop, brushing aside the shards of glass as he inspected the now useless machine; he let out a sigh and threw it to the floor, making Heechul flinch. 
“My history essay was on there I worked on it for almost a week, there’s no way I’ll be able to rewrite it in time. What the hell did you do?” he hissed as he turned to face Heechul. 
“Im sorry ill buy you a new laptop!” Heechul squeaked as he turned his back on the younger boy and ran out of the library. 
‘I guess I’ll have to wait until I get home to see if it’s completely useless’ he thought to himself as he sighed and stuffed the broken laptop into his bag. He was dreading his next class; their history teacher was the worst, once giving a student detention for daydreaming in class. He hung his head in his hands as the bell rang, signalling the end of lunch and the start of his history class. 

Heechul was nowhere to be seen when Kyuhyun sat down at his desk and their teacher entered the room. Mr Hwang placed his files on his desk and eyed all of the students before speaking.
“Today is the deadline for the essay set last week, please come to the front and place them on my desk”
One by one the students walked to the front before taking their seats once more. Kyuhyun froze, feeling the room seemingly close in around him he swallowed hard as Mr Hwang approached him.
“Mr Cho this is unlike you”
“Im sorry sir. My laptop broke before I had the chance to print my essay, I can have it on your desk first thing tomorrow” his heart was beating hard in his chest, he dreaded what was coming, but more importantly he dreaded going home if Mr Hwang failed him.
“You are my best student Kyuhyun so I am not going to fail you. I want your essay in my hand before the bell rings in the morning. However I am giving you detention.”
Kyuhyun’s face fell as he stared off into space at his teacher’s words. Detention, the one thing he hadn’t received before, he sank down in his chair, hanging his head in his hands.
“Im dead”

It was nearly halfway through the class when Heechul opened the door and walked inside, head down. "Here." He said, handing a pink slip to Mr. Hwang before plopping down into his seat, head down.


"Heechul-ah. See me after class." Mr. Hwang said. "Oh, and essay?" He added. Heechul looked up and then dug in his bag, bringing out two sets of papers. "I got Kyuhyun-ah's printed off from the files in the library where he was connected." He said, drawing the attention of most of the class.


Glancing at the two papers, Mr. Hwang frowned and tossed them in the trash making Heechul gape. "Yah!" "You expect me to believe you wrote that. If anything it seems as though both papers were written by Mr. Cho. You'll join him in detention."


"But I already!" Heechul started, knowing he already had one slip for skipping. "Two." Mr. Hwang said and the class giggled as Heechul plopped his head down onto his desk with an audible thud. "Make that three, I didn't finish my vocabulary for next period either." He grumbled, standing and grabbing his things.


"Last time I do something nice for someone." He grumbled, kicking his chair over before leaving the room. Almost immediately after, Heechul was called to the office.

Kyuhyun rested his head on his desk as Heechul left the room. 
“Why had he tried to help me? And what did he mean when he said he was sorry in the library? It’s not like it was his fault. Aish im going crazy. My parents are going to kill me” he thought to himself whilst, for the first time in his life, he ignored Mr Hwang completely.
“Kyuhyun pay attention!” a voice snapped from the front. Kyuhyun raised his head to see the whole glass glaring at him, receiving giggles from a few of the girls as he picked up his pen and took notes once again. Within minutes he found himself doodling in his notebook. He let out a sigh of relief as the bell rang, but before he could leave Mr Hwang called him to the front of the class, once everyone else had left.
“Kyuhyun what’s going on with you? You didn’t participate at all in class today; you didn’t turn in your essay, and that stunt with Heechul. I wasn’t aware the two of you were friends” 
Kyuhyun sighed, looking at the floor as he replied.
“Were not friends, at least I don’t think we are, I swear I had my essay all finished and as long as my laptop hard drive is intact I can give it you in the morning. Im sorry for not paying attention today, I have so much on my mind right now, I can’t handle everything. I’ll pay more attention next time” he sighed before he left the room, heading straight for his English class, luckily his homework for that was in his bag, not his laptop.

"Cho Kyuhyun."


"Kim Heechul."


"Where is Kim Heechul?" Mr. Cho asked, looking around at the students as they one by one turned in their homework. "He got in trouble earlier." One student said and Mr. Cho sighed. "He said he didn't have his homework you gave him either." Another added.




Heechul sat alone in the restroom near his english class. He had detention for the week and dreaded explaining that to Eeteuk. "Why did my powers get out of hand?" He murmured, once again looking at the game console that Kyuhyun had fixed. "Twice in one day... what happened? both times that was similar... well there were electronics but that doesn't bother me... I was... no I was only mad the first time." He gasped, accidentally knocking his head on the wall. "It was that kid!" He gasped, frowning.


"...Nah it can't be." He added and began working with his powers, trying to make sure he still had control. He was just about to say that he was bored of flicking his finger back and forth, making the stall door sway, when the bell rang. "Dang, already? Ugh detention." He whined, standing up.


After stretching and popping all the kinks in his bones, Heechul peeked out of the bathroom, waiting until the halls cleared before walking out, heading to the detention room. There were about ten kids inside and most looked like they wanted to eat Kyuhyun for a snack.


Feeling a tingling sensation, Heechul bit his lip. Images flashed through his mind of the other two instances. Kyuhyun walking by. Kyuhyun's accidental kiss. His face heated up at that one. "Well I don't have any friends anyway." Heechul whispered and shrugged, getting all the courage up he had, and marched into the room.


He ignored all the snide comments about being late even to detention and stopped in front of Kyuhyun. "Don't think anything of what I'm about to do. I can't explain right now." He said so Kyuhyun could hear and launched himself at him, latching their lips together and winding his arms around Kyuhyun's neck.


He felt it. He was right. His energy levels spiked and gold flitted through his eyes as he closed them, every light fixture in the room busted.


Kyuhyun’s eyes shot open as Heechul’s fell closed and the room was plunged into darkness.
Moments later Heechul’s eyes opened and their lips parted, he was frozen in shock as the older boy pulled back slightly and smiled, his arms still wound round Kyuhyun’s neck.
“What…” Kyuhyun gasped, trying to work out what had just happened, and why the lights went out. Heechul smirked and looked behind him, the other students had ditched detention once the lights had gone out, leaving them alone in the darkness. 
“Kyuhyun-ah, ignore the last thing I said” Heechul whispered as he brought his mouth close to the younger boy’s ear. Kyuhyun’s heart seemed to skip a beat; he bit down on his bottom lip as he stared into the eyes before him. Those beautifully colourful eyes. 
He couldn’t understand what had just happened or why it happened, he didn’t know why Heechul had just kissed him…but he liked it. 

Heechul pushed Kyuhyun backwards slightly until his back hit the wall. He could hear the younger boys breathing, it was fast and erratic, and gave him a sense of satisfaction as he ran his fingers through Kyuhyun’s hair. Kyuhyun’s head was filled with thoughts and feelings, the voice inside his head told him to push Heechul away from him and run, while his body wanted to stay, to connect with the other boy. ‘Enough’ he thought as he slammed his lips against Heechul’s, sliding his hands onto the older boys slender hips and pulling their body’s together. 
Heechul giggled at Kyuhyun’s sudden change in confidence as their lips moulded perfectly together. He brushed his tongue across the younger boys lip asking for entrance to his mouth, which Kyuhyun gladly agreed to, by parting his lips and letting their tongues meet. 
The surge of power Heechul had felt before was returning. Unknown to them Heechul had lifted the teacher’s desk clean off the floor, before it was sent crashing into the wall opposite them. The loud bang parted them instantly, turning their head to see the destruction on the floor.
Heechul raised his hand and scratched the back of his head as he laughed. “Oops”
“Hyung…Your eyes…” Kyuhyun whispered as he caught his breath. Heechul turned back to the younger boy and smiled, before picking up his bag and walking towards the door.
“I’ll explain everything tomorrow, I promise.” He winked, trailing his tongue across his lip, before disappearing down the hall. 
Kyuhyun ran his fingers through his hair as he picked up his own bag, leaning against the wall for stability. He scoffed and smiled, shaking his head, before whispering quietly to himself. 
“Maybe detention isn’t so bad after all” 

Heechul slowed down from a run as he got half way home and sighed happily. He couldn't keep the smile off his face. "Damn... I need to talk to Teukie." He said, his fingers running over his lips as he recalled the feel of Kyuhyun's lips on his.


As he walked through the door he noticed the construction going on and winced at the almost immediate headache that started to form as he stepped past the room and headed to Eeteuk's room.


"Teukie?" He asked and Eeteuk looked up from where he was tucking in two small children Heechul vaguely recognized. "Ah Heechul we made five adoptions today from the construction workers... where did you get those?" He asked, his happy smile falling away.


Heechul looked down and swore as he realized he was wearing his nice clothes. "I spilled milk on my clothes and the counselor gave me these and offered to wash my other ones. I'll return it tomorrow." He lied. A feeling of guilt washed over him having to lie to his caretaker.


"Good news and bad. You know I had been saving up so I got Ryeowook his birthday present. That's the good. I came to tell you some things though." Heechul said as he pulled Eeteuk to the side and grinned from ear to ear. "Unfortunately I have detention but I have a good reason! I accidentally broke this guy's computer and he lost his essay so I printed it off of the school's computer and I got accused of not writing my own essay... anyway we both had detention which brings me to point b. Oh I have dentention all week. Anyway..." He said and took a breath.


"I have had control of my power for a long time and you know that but the guy I have detention with. He fixed Ryeowook's present when it got broken and I started noticing him around and when he's close I get power surges it's really weird. So... I kissed him in detention and you wouldn't BELIEVE the power I got from it. I don't know what it means but it felt amazing. He kissed me back..." He said sliding down the wall with a grin on his face.


Eeteuk looked at Heechul like he'd grown two heads. "You? All sapy? What is this?" He said in disbelief as Heechul sighed. "I gotta go give Ryeowook his present." Heechul said standing back up and kissing Eeteuk's cheek. "I'll do dishes to make up for detention!" He shouted back as he ran to his room.


Kyuhyun was still smiling as arrived home, until he noticed his father’s car was in the garage.
“Aish here we go, let the screaming commence” he thought as he walked through the door, setting his bag down on the sofa.

“Kyuhyun-ah where have you been? You are never late home” His mother came out from the kitchen and hugged him tightly; he smiled and hugged her back before he sighed.

“I got detention…” he turned away and pulled his useless laptop from his bag and placing it down on the kitchen table where his father was sat with a disapproving look on his face.
“Detention? Only bad students get detention. What have you done?” 
“Appa it wasn’t my fault I swear. My laptop exploded, I don’t know how, but I couldn’t print off my essay so Mr Hwang gave me detention. He is going to fail me if I don’t give it to him tomorrow morning” he sighed and hung his head as his father glared at him.

“I suggest you get working on it right away then. You know what will happen if you fail don’t you?” his father spoke softly, but his voice was deep enough to terrify anybody.
“Ne Appa…Boarding school I know. I need to borrow your computer, I can recover all of the files off mine but I need to connect to a working computer first.” 
His father nodded and moved from his seat, allowing Kyuhyun to sit down and set to work on recovering his data. His fingers moved swiftly across the keyboard, entering commands faster than the computer had time to register. He smiled as his essay came into view and he pressed print, sighing happily he sank back in the chair and thought about his first time in detention. A huge smile crept onto his face and he ran his tongue over his bottom lip, remembering Heechul’s lips against his and the way the older boys tongue danced against his.

“What are you smiling about?” His mother asked as she saw her son looking like a child on Christmas Eve. 
“Oh nothing Umma, im just glad I haven’t lost everything. Im going to study.” He grabbed his essay off the printer and headed to his room. Kyuhyun had been biual for a few years, his parents didn’t know because they didn’t approve, and he didn’t plan on telling them anytime soon.

The next morning, Heechul was dragging himself out of bed to shower. He took a frigid shower to wake himself up. The combination of workers and thinking about Kyuhyun left him with no sleep. After re dressing and giving his breakfast to Heebum, he grabbed his bag and went on his way to school.


"Ugh. Thank goodness it's Friday today." He groaned, heading for his gym locker when he got to the school. He had just stripped down and shrugged on some skinny jeans when the door opened and he quickly pulled a shirt on.


"If it isn't mr. big shot. You're disgusting, what you pulled yesterday." One guy said and Heechul recognized the kids as being the ones from detention. Guys and girls.


"Oh sure they see me kiss him but not the other time." He muttered to himself and pulled on his bag, moving to walk past them as he closed his locker.


Instead of letting him past, the one guy grabbed him and shoved him, landing him on the ground. "Yah!" Heechul growled, going to stand back up only to recieve a punch to the face. "We don't like you as it is so I suggest you keep a low profile, especially with that filth!" One person said before the guy who punched Heechul spat in his face.


Heechul waited until they left before wiping his face and looking in the mirror. He had a busted lip but he supposed it could have been worse. "ing pricks..." He said, looking out of the gym as they walked across it.


Foccussing, Heechul tied all their shoelaces together and smirked as they fell on their face. If he had his way they'd be getting a lot worse but he knew Eeteuk wouldn't approve. "I wonder how I should explain to Kyuhyun today..." He said and sighed, hoping classes would pass by fast.


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