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Oh Sehun wasn't meant to exist. Nothing about him was remotely human.

He had planned to end everything and finally lie in peace but things don't always go as planned.

He gets another chance at life.

It's the work of chance that allows him to meet her, Chang Eunhwa, the nicest person on the planet.

Irritating and friendly, he cannot help being drawn towards this idol.

There's something about her eyes that intrigues him.

However, there is more to Eunhwa that meets the eye.

Can Sehun prepare himself for what lies ahead?



.... And I'm back with my first fic of 2k18, 'Healer' a.k.a. the romance story of the year (lawl)! I have actually been so put off the romance genre recently. It just annoyed me. Nonetheless, decided to write one. This isn't your usual boy-meets-girl, boy-hates-girl, boy-falls-in-love-with-girl story. Brace yourself for every cliche in the fanfiction dictionary and some of my own additional quirks.


-- Inspired by OCN's drama 'Duel.'

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55 streak #1
Chapter 7: Thing is getting more interesting... Waiting for next update ~~
Chapter 3: That dream is very scary. Why the crazy dream Eunhwa? Premonition?
Hahahahaha Sehunie is jelly of cats!!!
Luhan is still an , wanna punch him. Guy's like him always so full of it
fantasy? fanfic cliches? (maybe disgusting) romance? ok i'll read this as soon as i get the chance lol
188 streak #4
Chapter 6: I hope nothing bad will happen to sehun huhuhuhu
55 streak #5
Chapter 6: So yes Sebyuk is alive...
Something must have gone wrong when both of them meet up again. What is it this time? I wonder.
Hope Sebyuk is not some selfish bastard who want to stole his younger brother's lover though
55 streak #6
Chapter 5: I presume both Sehun and Sebyuk were alive but both thought the other's already death (if you know what I mean)?
Interesting plot... Keep going...
188 streak #7
Chapter 5: Did they just kissed . sehun kissed eunhwa, she confess to him that's sweet
AlyZhou #8
Looking forward to this story!
188 streak 1 points #9
Chapter 4: I'm glad that eunhwa has someone like soobin. She's like a sister to her so caring and kind. Sehun he seem like starting to open up now are they going to visit sehun motber
55 streak 1 points #10
Chapter 4: Are they going to meet his so called "mother"?