Set my heart high (like a volleyball)

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Mark and Donghyuck belong to rival high schools and they hate each other's guts — they're not even subtle about this statement. They think the universe must be playing a joke on them when they end up in the same university auditioning for the same volleyball team.


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Cooking_Musically #1
Chapter 1: What the heck this was soooooo goooddddddd I can't :')
Aquaaria #2
Chapter 1: I came here to have a good time and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now. ?????No but srsly this is so goooood??♥️
Chapter 1: so cute so cute~~ (*≧∀≦*)
SoJi405 #4
YASS, praise the Lord, I LOOOOOVE Rivals!Markhyuck!!! Can I subscribe like 100 times cause I know this will be great!