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The first time they met. The first steps that bring them together. A Yulsic fanfiction about an unfortunate event, unfortunate people, fate, and every other little things that might bring two people together for the rest of their life. 


A young man on a flight to visit his old man

A female celebrity trying to get back home while dodging a stalker.

Two strangers and an event that bring them closer together.

Before Home Is Us

Long before Of Ten Thousands I Love Yous

A story that starts it all.

I'm back with a new story, old characters, and even older habits of not updating so frequently. If you're in for the bumpy ride, kindly click subscribe, and take a seat next to me.Drops comment as frequent as you will for there might be a gift for the loyals in the end.

Thank you.

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0 points #1
Chapter 5: I am super impatient with the new chapter. Goshh why that stalker has to appear again?=_=
0 points #2
Chapter 5: Aishh I hate that Robert guy. Yuri please save your wifeyy...
Sushisashimi 0 points #3
Chapter 5: Why I feel the stalker is going to do something bad to Yuri too? Im getting very nervous now :(( you’re so good with your writing, really.
0 points #4
Chapter 5: Oh noo.. Yuri is nowhere to be seen ;( author, you leave me hanginggg
0 points #5
Chapter 5: Yurii where are youuuu???!:(( please save sica from that damned stalker. Please dun let anything bad happen to her, author!
0 points #6
Chapter 5: Oh t, that stalker guy is a maniac. I hope Yuri will put him into a jail later on.. miss you a lot author.
Yulsicislife 0 points #7
Chapter 5: Oh no oh no oh noo.. where’s Yuri when he’s needed?><
Ksop_kwon 0 points #8
Chapter 5: A new reader here. Loving this story so much!! Every chapter always ends with a cliffhanger and now im getting super anxious with Jessica’s situation. Yuri should come for her rescue!
0 points #9
Chapter 5: Where’s Yuri? Your girl is in trouble :(((
0 points #10
Chapter 5: Now i’m suddenly being super nervous...