Ever So Gently

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Some fall in love. Some float gently into it. 

A collection of drabbles and one-shots starring Jinyoung and Jisoo set in the K-pop idol universe.


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*note: stories do not necessarily connect

  1. Ever So Gently / Jinyoung struggles with skinship during a car ride in Daejeon.
  2. Read It / Jinyoung and Jisoo play a game in a bookshop.
  3. Must Love Dogs / Jisoo asks Jinyoung for a favor.
  4. Favoritism / Jinyoung's father surprises him when he brings Jisoo home.
  5. Photograph / Jinyoung used to think of himself as the one capturing these moments. For once, the moment catches him.
  6. Dating Ban / Jisoo gets scared that it may never be the "right time" to date Jinyoung
  7. Kim Gae / Jackson likes Jisoo, he's just not sure he thinks of her as "Kim Gae"

More to come.


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Started this story thread just to have a place to dump all these little snippets I have. I will be updating sporadically.

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printemps #1
Chapter 7: Jackson is on point here. I love the Wang Gae-Park Gae dynamics in real life. Their friendship is such a joy to see.

Jisoo and Jackson talking about how Jinyoung reassures people in this fic reminds me of one of the first things that made me appreciate JinJi as a ship(as friends or whatever haha!). It was when JinJiDo wrote messages to each other and Jinyoung wrote to Jisoo: "You are a valuable and necessary part of JinJiDo." It just warmed my heart because Jisoo always got the "BlackPink's unnecessary or useless member" comment from haters, especially in their early days as a group. She's a bright, confident and strong girl who probably tries to takes those comments in stride but it still felt comforting as a fan to know that people who know and work with her appreciate her. Maybe it's not that deep and Jinyoung was just being his nice self but I really liked what he said, he's such a thoughtful person. They're so cute, I hope they remain close even after their Inkigayo stint ends... hopefully, they'll remain in it for a while longer, they're a part of my Sunday routine.
robaniahsz #2
Chapter 7: why i feels like this is so real? how i wish this can be real like jackson supporting jinyoung and jisoo relationship T^T btw thank you for update <3
minsulsaranghae #3
Chapter 7: This is pure love. I guess if this is actually happening, I'll be in tears. Jackson is very much like himself here. Your friend really understand him.
Co26024442 #4
Chapter 6: This series is so adorable and you are super talented writer :)
BunchOfBeananas #5
Chapter 6: THIS chapter?! My heart?! My soul?! I’M IN LOVE!!!!!
adithi0612 #6
Chapter 6: I don't think my heart can handle so much cutenes❤️
Jejessiee #7
printemps #8
Chapter 6: Dalgom was such a grumpy diva. He must have felt threatened that he'll share his mom's attention with somebody else. :P

That last chapter. Rejecting someone like him must have felt as bad as unintentionally kicking an injured puppy, while wearing pointed toe shoes. I had to look at the scrollbar after that part just to see if the story would just conclude there. Ah, I love JinJi so much, it hurts. Haha.
Chapter 6: Idk if my throat will burst eventually but if it did itd bcs of everytime you update i scrEAM AND THIS ISNT GOOD FOR MY HEALTH I WANNA CRI IMAGINING JINYOUNG BEING NERVOUS
taecyoonaddict #10
Chapter 6: Thank you for always updating authornim. I really love your stories, especially this chapter I'm smiling like an idiot ≥﹏≤