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Love is a strange thing, an extraordinary feeling and a bizarre sensation. Love can cause turbulence in one’s heart, may it be the weak or the strong. Love doesn’t leave anything and anyone behind once it hit them, taking everything that they have. Two different persons, whose strong hearts will be tested by the greatest challenges, they are no superheroes but they go through the trials of their perfect rock bottom.




Oh how she loves to hear the repetitious noise of the flapping cloth on the finish line, like a bird’s wings going against the strong breeze of the night. The smell of the burning tires, the metallic sound of the brakes and the car roaring on the speed of light, oh how she gets ecstatic having all these every single day of her life, like a drug she’s obsessed with. The rush of excitement flows into her veins and her five senses switch at the start of the engine that purred to life, oh how delighted she is. She, who possesses too much strength and knows no weakness, takes the hardest race of her life.


Oh how strong her resolves are, so robust she doesn’t falter through the flaming path of her life. Oh how ambitious she can be that backing out doesn’t exist in her vocabulary, cannot be found in her dictionaries. The flops of the books’ pages from one to another, the of her ballpoint pen and the harmony of her cursive writings, oh how these sounds turn into her lullaby, a melodious tone keeping her resiliency with her life that’s breaking apart, showered with struggles that are hiding behind her toughness. She, who rejects her weakness, grinds to the darkest side of life.


They are two distinct persons yet both carry a determined heart to pursue what’s for them, for who they are and chase for what they deserve in life. They are no superheroes and just like any other, they have their own weaknesses thumping in the depths of their heart that will slowly be triggered with this love they hold within them.


Yes, this thing called love which is any human’s kryptonite, will they be able to break through it and be their own Superman? Can they win and beat the most challenging contest of their rollercoaster life?



A/N : Hi my dear readers! I'm back with a new JenLisa fanfic again!

This time, it's going to be a JenLisa ft. Lisoo and Chaennie fic! I want to try new things and enhance my skills more with this fic. This is going to be my hardest fanfic that I'm going to write ever but I love challenging myself so I came back with this story.

I hope you'll like this new story as much as you've loved and supported Rich Society and We're Together As Job.

I cannot promise anything about the updates. I might be slow because of the difficult plot, because of my hectic schedules at work as well and some other stuffs I have to work on. I humbly ask for everyone's understanding.

And once again, big thanks to KHUNEZ for the poster! You're really the best! <3  

I'll see you guys around soon, hopefully. 

For more queries, follow me on twitter @KeiLovesKohi

Thank you very much!


With love,

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please update :((
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Chapter 2: Well, I waiting the update just like I wait for blackpink comeback lol.. ??
Well i waited that wenrene selca for how many years so yeah patience guys lololol
Waiting since last year? Stay Strong?
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Update please authornim ?
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Chapter 2: author when will you update?? can wait for it :)
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Chapter 2: You know what I like about your stories? They always have the shortest chapters but the best story ever,I don't need to wait for a long times for it to finish, I love it!!
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Chapter 2: Author-nim when will you update ??
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Chapter 2: There were only 2 episodes yet and it had already played with my emotions, congrats author-nim! It has such a promising plot and I'd patiently wait for the worthy updates. Hwaiting~