Impossible is Nothing


GTae;  One Shot Collection 


G Dragon ( Kwon Jiyong ) 

♡ ♡♡

Kim Taeyeon  


hanlyn07 Copyright2017

PLEASE DO NOT PLAGIARIZE,COPY or PRINT. Any similarities to other stories, drama,movie, books etc. is purely coincidental. This is my idea and purely fiction ONLY. Pictures and gifs that are used are not mine, credits to owners. 

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miaahmad 1 points #1
Chapter 4: I love it authornim.... More plz... Thank you...
LeonOlla 1 points #2
Chapter 4: Lovely person...they are... both jiyoungiee and taeng ...can't get enough of I wish this is real....
yuutoo 1 points #3
Chapter 4: I love this one shoot series haha, make one with jiyong who the worried one kekeke
Febbymei81 1 points #4
Chapter 4: Moreee pleasee...thank you authornim
lynn_yu 1 points #5
Chapter 4: both of the have a very cute side...
paranbiru 1 points #6
Chapter 4: So cute, thank you..
Tygdlove 12 streak #7
Chapter 4: Cute
Tiatioot 1 points #8
Chapter 4: Yeayyy!! I love it ❤❤❤
Thank you for updating..
So much fluff, make me so felt I am floating in the air.Kekekeke
JiyongTheG2 1 points #9
Chapter 4: Aigooohhh, our Tae is so cute cute cute~~
Can't have enough of her..
LOL, that was brave G ^^
Thanks Author-nim, fighting fighting!!! <3
mzlyod 1 points #10
Chapter 4: Why so cute gtae aa??
Make my morning wonderful
Just treat out taengoo well dragon nim