Impossible is Nothing

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GTae;  One Shot Collection 


G Dragon ( Kwon Jiyong ) 

♡ ♡♡

Kim Taeyeon  


hanlyn07 Copyright2017

PLEASE DO NOT PLAGIARIZE,COPY or PRINT. Any similarities to other stories, drama,movie, books etc. is purely coincidental. This is my idea and purely fiction ONLY. Pictures and gifs that are used are not mine, credits to owners. 

[11-01-17] please be patient in waiting for the part 2.

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1 points #1
Chapter 6: Love your story so much...I want more author nim.. please give us more great story... I will waiting for your update...
zacky123 #2
Chapter 6: tae is too forgiving.. she should punish jiyong a little bit for all the emotional distress she had for those two months..
1 points #3
Chapter 6: More more!!! :D
The reason why I love all your story is because it's great and lovely :))
Tygdlove 1 points #4
Chapter 6: Ok i was hoping she be more difficult but its ok
Kwonharin 1 points #5
Chapter 6: Could you please continue the story.. I'm curious about their life with the baby
Ayunindellany 1 points #6
Chapter 6: I hope there is an epilogue for our kwon jiyeon :)))
Deviline 1 points #7
Chapter 6: No word to describe how I feel now ❤
Gracegesang 1 points #8
Chapter 6: Would it be too much to ask for a part 3??? :-)
mzlyod 25 streak 1 points #9
Chapter 6: Cant wait for kwon jiyeon
1 points #10
Chapter 6: Ahh..its too short..yeah tae who cares if you forgive him easily