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WELCOME TO PETRICHOR (posters may look skewed on app)






About Us : Rules // Pending // Samples

Petrichor graphics is temporarily CLOSED. Click through the batches to see what I've done before (most recent stuff is my better work). I mainly do dramatic and dark posters, and that's what I'm better at.


Subscribe for a graphic. Upvote is required for a second request.


Only story posters allowed. That means that it is your cover image and the first image seen on your story. No chapter banners or backgrounds or posters for draft stories. Please do not request if you're waiting for a poster from another shop. Posters must stay on AFF. I do not make posters for any other site.


Maximum of three characters only. Group counts as one character, but no more than one group per request. (So group + 2 members okay) Exception to the rule, I don't do OT12 or any group with over seven members. There's too many characters and it gets messy. If you want specific colors, send a palette or hex codes otherwise I will be forced to guess. I can't promise it will be those exact colors after I add overlays and everything, but I can get pretty close.


Six requests per batch. I will change the status and close shop as soon as that occurs. I will ignore any requests that come in after. I will accept the first six that follow the rules and complete the request. Only one request per author allowed per batch

Credit with my banner in your forward. Also link to the shop in your forward.


Comment after both REQUESTING and PICKING UP graphics. Pick up within seven days of the finished request and put up poster/banner within two days after picking up. I will repeatedly message as a reminder.

USE GRAPHIC FOR AT LEAST A MONTH. Do not edit the graphic and tell me if I made a mistake so I can fix it.

All works are free! However, a PUBLIC blogpost would greatly help the shop out. Use the banner and link back to the shop. Use the password “fleur” if you complete your PUBLIC blogpost with these requirements BEFORE your request is submitted. You also have the option to complete the blogpost AFTER your poster is finished, but this is only allowed if you have completed the rules correctly with the first submission (and you must post your poster in your blog post along with the banner and link). If you are opting to do the blogpost AFTER the poster is completed, use the password “watermelon.” If something is missing from your request and the rules have not been completed, I will message you and you will have to complete the blog post before I start on your request. Just for clarity: before requesting (requires banner and link back to the shop in blogpost) and after poster is finished (requires banner, link back to shop, AND YOUR POSTER in the blogpost).I It would be really nice if you didn't just put my banner and put some words in the post as well. If you want to put up some of my old work in the blogpost, message me and I'd be more than happy to send you the links. I will blacklist immediately if the poster is picked-up without completing a blogpost.

Please follow the rules, or you will be blacklisted.

Please ask me if you have any questions! I would rather answer questions rather than blacklist.



Batch 1 Done
Batch 2 Done
Batch 3 Done
Batch 4 Done
Batch 5 Done
Batch 6 Done
Batch 7 Done
Batch 8 Done
Batch 9 In Progress



Currently crying over the fact that I'm on vacation and I'm still studying and worrying about school.

Petrichor graphics is currently run by a single owner, so please be kind, patient, and understanding! Give me a day or two to resepond to messages.


https://ask.fm/bluelixir Made an ask.fm account for anyone who's into that! Come ask me questions :)

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ok, here's my blog post: http://www.asianfanfics.com/blog/view/1232664
thank you again for your willingness to work with me, and this poster! i'll be sure to stop by if i need another poster in the future ^^
96 streak #2
Chapter 2: Woah your posters are so cool! Wow girl you are really very talented, multi talented! I'm amazed, and very much biased! Like really! Woah!!
I picked up the request, thank you!
Requested. ^^
49 streak #5
Chapter 2: Honestly saying your work is awesome ^.^
Can I plagiarized It ( just kidding XD )
Hi! I'll be requesting! Please tell me if I filled out my form incorrectly!
hi, i've requested. i hope i did everything correctly...
Undulating_IN #8
Hello, i was just wondering if a new batch will start?
I picked up and a million thanks for making this...^^
Hi. I picked up <3 this is so awesome. I love this. XOXO