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WELCOME TO PETRICHOR (posters may look skewed on app)






About Us : Rules // Pending // Samples

Petrichor graphics is temporarily closed. Click through the batches to see what I've done before (most recent stuff is my better work). I mainly do dramatic and dark posters, and that's what I'm better at.


Subscribe for a graphic. Please upvote after picking up! Upvote is required for a second request.

Comment after both REQUESTING and PICKING UP graphics. It would be nice if you said more than "picked-up" and "requested."Pick up within seven days of finishing and put up poster/banner within a day after picking up.

Maximum of three characters only. Group counts as one character, but no more than one group per request. (So group + 2 members okay)

Credit with my banner in your forward. Also link to the shop in your forward.

USE GRAPHIC FOR AT LEAST A MONTH. Do not edit the graphic and tell me if I made a mistake so I can fix it.

Six requests per batch. I will change the status and close shop as soon as that occurs. I will ignore any requests that come in after. I will accept the first six that follow the rules and complete the request (including blog post).

Only story posters allowed. That means that it is your cover image and the first image seen on your story. No chapter banners or backgrounds or posters for draft stories.

All works are free! However, a blogpost would greatly help the shop out. Use the banner and link back to the shop. Yes, I will check, so use the password "fleur" if you have not completed your blog post before submitting your request. If you don't use this specific password, request will be rejected, but if you do use the password, request will be pending until blog post is completed.

Please follow the rules, or you will be blacklisted.

Password for completed rules and requirements (WITH BLOG POST): Watermelon

Please ask me if you have any questions! I would rather answer questions rather than blacklist.



Batch 1 Done
Batch 2 Done
Batch 3 Done
Batch 4 Open



Currently crying over school and every request that asks for all of EXO.


Click on the names to get redirected to their shop!

Petrichor graphics is run by a college

student who is probably procrastinating

on homework at this very second. PM her

and she'll try to respond as soon as




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Chapter 4: Damn, I like this one.
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Okay! I requested a poster!
Chapter 4: oh that was so quick! I really like the pictures you used, I think they suit my fic really well and the colours are great ^.^ thank you! I'll post and credit asap :)
Picked up and credited! As always, truly talented and great! Keep up the good work~ ❤
hi! I've made a request :)
Chapter 2: I stumbled upon this shop. You are talented gurll.
envy you so so so much!
Picked up! Thankss
picked up! everything linked thank you again!!!
Request sent advertisement post finished
Requested! :)