Into You


When two individuals fall in love.


"I'm so into you, I can barely breathe. And all I wanna do is to fall in deep." - Into You by Ariana Grande


It's a very bad description, I know. It doesn't give a sense of what the story will be like. Most of the time I don't know what I'm doing anyway. XD

And yes, I am starting a new story but just to warn you... updates will be really slow this time round. And by slow I mean it could be one update per month or one in two months. As usual, I will finish the story. Just give me time (and a lot of patience).

This is going to be the usual - yucky - fluffy with a little bit of angst. I think? :p

Side note, I really like the song.


It will take me some time to update. Most likely in 2018. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year y’all!

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lostsoul1 #1
Chapter 21: The way Tiffany talks about Taeyeon and their love is admirable. Emotions are usually difficult to put into words but you've done a great job here, E. While reading the scene where Tiffany is talking to Mr. Hwang how much she adores Taeyeon and how the latter takes care of her, I had butterflies doing somersaults in my stomach. It's sad that this story is nearing its end but at the same time I'm very happy for you Author! Completing another story is an added achievement for you! :) Looking forward to your future stories!
chyan01 #2
Chapter 21: Nooo! It close to end again.... E, sorry for just commented and MIA for so long. I was very busy. Thanks for writing this. ^_^
Chapter 21: Thank you author for not torfuring taeyeon for too long!!! She really impressed her future father in law that's for sure ;)
Can't wait for the bonus chapter for Friend for hire<3
sclocksmith 138 streak #4
Chapter 21: Finally, Mr. Hwang approved... Next: Uncle & Aunt Lee. They already met Tiffany, but as a housemate.
stoopidcutie #5
Chapter 21: Oh my, Tae's shaking while having a talk with Mr Hwang ^^ awwww~ adorable & could she be any cuter than this??! she always firm and confident when she talked about her relationship with Fany :) damn, where can i get my own tae's version of this? T____T

the most sweetest part in this chapter : Mr Hwang's dialogue with his wife :) love that never fade away ^^ Thank u for another amazing update! wish theres a button that i could upvote each chapter.

so glad everything turns out well for Tae & Mr Hwang. Ok, now i'm nervous for Fany!!! hahahaha Thanks & have a great day ahead :)
taenyric109 #6
Chapter 21: Aww. Thank goodness Mr.Hwang approves! :)) Thanks author.
Chapter 21: so good...happy that Mr Hwang accepted their relationship...thanks eden for the update... i'm feel a bit sad when you told that this story is coming to the end soon...but will give us a brand new story and the bonus chapter after this...keep it you
Chapter 21: Good thing Taeny got Mr.Hwang's approval.. Buckle uo Fany ah~ it's ur turn now to face Tae's uncle and auntie plus the kids..huehehe.

I'll be looking forward to your new masterpiece author.. Fighting!
Chapter 21: Finally! They have got Mr.Hwang approval! Now lets hope that Taeyeon Aunt & Uncle side will be okay. then we will have Taeny wedding! Yay!
blueeey #10
Chapter 21: Yes! I knew it! Haha otherwise Mr. Hwang would’ve walked out on them the moment Tiffany told him that Taeyeon’s her girlfriend. Anyway, so happy Mr. Hwang gave them his blessing. Can’t wait for the next update! :)