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Uber popular actor C has been hiding his lovechild with childhood friend/lover B.











[Breaking] A Secret Lovechild of Famous Actor C?


Uber popular actor C has been hiding his secret lovechild with childhood friend/lover B. C and B are living together with their child in a high-end apartment in Gangnam.


C is an actor within his early 30s who became popular because of a historical drama he starred in years ago. Currently, Actor C is still active and is recently featured as one of the highest celebrity earners.


According to our sources, the child is now three years old. However, C and B are still unmarried.


Source: K News


[+8,045, -134] Isn’t this too easy? It’s Park Chanyeol right? He is 32 years old and he starred in Palace Prince. He is number 4 in the list of highest paid celebrities… Heol


[+5,822, -230] Finally, a dirt on PCY’s immaculate image ㅋㅋㅋㅋ This actor is good in keeping secrets and hiding though. How was he able to hide a child and a lover for three years? I feel bad for his kid. Imagine your father keeping your identity a secret.


[+5,234, -235] I knew it! I knew there was something fishy about Chanyeol. His image was too good to be true. Now, it’s ruined.


[+4,678, -325] A lot of his fans are disliking the top commentsㅋㅋㅋㅋ Your oppa has a kid already. Deal with it.


[+3,630, -78] His career is now ruined. His fans probably felt cheated after he deceived them. He is a sly b*astard. 

[+1,456, -77] You think his career is ruined? This man’s too popular that his fans blindly accept everything that he does! I bet the fans would defend his sorry .


[+2,934, -156] Am I the only one curious on who B is? And how does the kid look like? With PCY’s genes, I bet the kid looks amazing.











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Let's hope I finish this before Baekhyun's birthday


[MOTIVATION] Happy Birthday, Byun Baekhyun!

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Congratulations dear for the feature :D
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Chapter 1: Oh my god this was heavenly, amazing! Loved it!
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Chapter 1: The netizens' comments are (mostly) hilarious.
This is good
Chapter 1: Beautiful....
Chapter 1: congratulations to this!
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Chapter 1: God :' ... your stories are awsome ^^ i love them <3
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Chapter 1: This story was awesome, awesome, awesome. I loved the writing. I loved the love between Baekhyun and Chanyeol and Chanhyun - who was freaking adorable. The headlines and netizen comments were spot on. And I loved that we got to see that they got married and had another child. Fabulous!
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Chapter 1: I'm so lucky, my mornings are blessed.