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Uber popular actor C has been hiding his lovechild with childhood friend/lover B.











[Breaking] A Secret Lovechild of Famous Actor C?


Uber popular actor C has been hiding his secret lovechild with childhood friend/lover B. C and B are living together with their child in a high-end apartment in Gangnam.


C is an actor within his early 30s who became popular because of a historical drama he starred in years ago. Currently, Actor C is still active and is recently featured as one of the highest celebrity earners.


According to our sources, the child is now three years old. However, C and B are still unmarried.


Source: K News


[+8,045, -134] Isn’t this too easy? It’s Park Chanyeol right? He is 32 years old and he starred in Palace Prince. He is number 4 in the list of highest paid celebrities… Heol


[+5,822, -230] Finally, a dirt on PCY’s immaculate image ㅋㅋㅋㅋ This actor is good in keeping secrets and hiding though. How was he able to hide a child and a lover for three years? I feel bad for his kid. Imagine your father keeping your identity a secret.


[+5,234, -235] I knew it! I knew there was something fishy about Chanyeol. His image was too good to be true. Now, it’s ruined.


[+4,678, -325] A lot of his fans are disliking the top commentsㅋㅋㅋㅋ Your oppa has a kid already. Deal with it.


[+3,630, -78] His career is now ruined. His fans probably felt cheated after he deceived them. He is a sly b*astard. 

[+1,456, -77] You think his career is ruined? This man’s too popular that his fans blindly accept everything that he does! I bet the fans would defend his sorry .


[+2,934, -156] Am I the only one curious on who B is? And how does the kid look like? With PCY’s genes, I bet the kid looks amazing.











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Let's hope I finish this before Baekhyun's birthday


[MOTIVATION] Happy Birthday, Byun Baekhyun!

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Honobono 0 points #1
Chapter 1: Omg this is so beautiful and almost made me cried T-T Baekhyun was so adorable and thank goodness Chanyeol wasn't that type of people who forgot someone who had been supporting him after he got famous. He was such an adorable husband and father ugh
I really love this storyyy
40 streak 0 points #2
Chapter 1: Oh God!! This is so beautiful T_____T
It's so sad how hard their life is, but still... I love it so much. This makes me so warm & happy inside. I wonder if chanbaek is real.. & if they are, even if they can't have public relationship bc of peoples ty mindset, I hope they are happy. I know that can't have children but I hope they are together for a long time & adopt a chanhyun... T___T
Seagean18 0 points #3
Ugh!!! This is so Beautiful!!! So well written, it feels so real!!! Thank you authornim!!!
lovebaek56 0 points #4
Chapter 1: :( :( :( :( :( :( in real life doe where do we find bbh in this fic can i at least be his friend HEHE. Such a cute story!!! I'm glad the story bordered on reality with the reactions of netizens lol in truth doe the comments would have been more insensitive and full of hate. Aigoo~ i just hope in the future fans would be as supportive as the ones in this story to the exo members with their decisions in life hehe :> thanks for writing ate Klang!
yasminasaaaa #5
thank you for this beautiful story
Chapter 1: well written! i love it! <3
Chapter 1: I cant believe that i totally expected to see all the pic and vids.. I mean duh i need it !! I want it!! Chanbaek for lifeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy imma desperate
Chapter 1: this is very sweet <3
dong_chan_ii #9
Chapter 1: It's been months since last I read a fic due school and exams. But now holiday is coming and this is the first fic I found today after a long time and I really really happy also super satisfied. This is way too cute and amazing. I understand now why it got a star and you totally deserve it. I swear I'm on the verge of crying, I keep screaming for nonstop, people might have mistaken me as an insane girl. Thank you so much for writing so well! ㅠ.ㅠ ? Keep it up the great work!