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Uber popular actor C has been hiding his lovechild with childhood friend/lover B.











[Breaking] A Secret Lovechild of Famous Actor C?


Uber popular actor C has been hiding his secret lovechild with childhood friend/lover B. C and B are living together with their child in a high-end apartment in Gangnam.


C is an actor within his early 30s who became popular because of a historical drama he starred in years ago. Currently, Actor C is still active and is recently featured as one of the highest celebrity earners.


According to our sources, the child is now three years old. However, C and B are still unmarried.


Source: K News


[+8,045, -134] Isn’t this too easy? It’s Park Chanyeol right? He is 32 years old and he starred in Palace Prince. He is number 4 in the list of highest paid celebrities… Heol


[+5,822, -230] Finally, a dirt on PCY’s immaculate image ㅋㅋㅋㅋ This actor is good in keeping secrets and hiding though. How was he able to hide a child and a lover for three years? I feel bad for his kid. Imagine your father keeping your identity a secret.


[+5,234, -235] I knew it! I knew there was something fishy about Chanyeol. His image was too good to be true. Now, it’s ruined.


[+4,678, -325] A lot of his fans are disliking the top commentsㅋㅋㅋㅋ Your oppa has a kid already. Deal with it.


[+3,630, -78] His career is now ruined. His fans probably felt cheated after he deceived them. He is a sly b*astard. 

[+1,456, -77] You think his career is ruined? This man’s too popular that his fans blindly accept everything that he does! I bet the fans would defend his sorry .


[+2,934, -156] Am I the only one curious on who B is? And how does the kid look like? With PCY’s genes, I bet the kid looks amazing.











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Let's hope I finish this before Baekhyun's birthday


[MOTIVATION] Happy Birthday, Byun Baekhyun!

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ohsehunie21 0 points #1
you r such a good writer!! um in luv with all of ur work...write more.. ♥♥♥
Chapter 1: idk where to start but it was the best fic indeed among other fics i've already read. You wrote it with such feelings and i just swallowed them and burst out joy when a happy scene came up and tearing apart when the emotions are getting into my heart. Author-nim, you just nailed it.
This is warm and happy inside. It's lightly fluffy but the part of family bonding is so precious. Supporting the most admiring one til the end and making love long last,getting love back even if the worst scenario comes down, being happy having child, being patient and idk what to say more coz there's so many feels....at last THANK YOU for writing this BEAUTIFUL Fic!
Loeyoung27 #4
gooberrama #5
Hi! Just got into reading ChanBaek fanfics at the start of the month and can I just say that I’m really happy I found you. Finished reading Raised In Love and came here hoping for fluff (because RIL was painful and I cried so much). This fic didn’t disappoint! Loved the dynamics between C & B. And Chanhyun is so so so so cuteeeee!!! Hope to read more from you!
kookietho_ #6
Chapter 1: i don't know how many times i've read this already ...but i always read it whenever i have "feels". this has just so much love in it ... it never fails to warm my heart. you did really well in writing this btw ??? the flow was just right, and didn't stray much from the reality that happens within the industry ... so it was really a good read every time and (somehow) didn't lose it's flame(?) even after a couple of reads (for me at least) ... THIS REALLY JUST HAS SO MUCH LOVE I FEEL WARM ???
Babybaek4chan #8
Chapter 1: I've read it before and I just love to read it over and over again. this is so beautiful and sweet....I love chanbaek as parents....
11 streak #9
Chapter 1: okay so this comment is about this story unlike my earlier outbreak.. (sorry for that)

This is one of the most adorable fictions I have ever read... I just loved the whole development.. the commitment.. baby chanhyun.. every thing was so so perfect.

I especially loved the positive comments that were portrayed in it coz i know that when ever such times will come.. there will be fans who will back up and support their celebrities.. so that was really sweet.

Also after reading this.. I wish i really get to see Daddy Chan and Papa Baek with their respective families... that would be one hell of thing to see... after seeing return of superman.. I can already see they are gonna be amazing and fabulous daddies <3
11 streak #10
Chapter 1: Its just the beginning of the story i am reading.. but the way the comments are conveyed.. i bet my life, that if it was true in real life.. he would get the same kind of comments.. or any other celebrity would... Its both sad and infuriating.. I mean.. we fans claim to love our celebrities but when its bout them finding happiness with someone.. we would become selfish es and start throwing dirt on them. WHY?? why can't they be happy?? why can't they love?? why can't they marry and have kids??
are they not as human as any of us?? are we willing to stay single forever??? no right?? then why don't we give them the same liberty???

why people say things like if a celebrity is dating, especially idols.. then its a "scandal"... their careers will be finished.. what has that anything to do with their work??? they are still the same people who work their asses off for their fans right???
and then if they hide it we blame them.. have we ever thought that its our fault?? if we supported them, they wouldn't need to hide!! is this what we want from our beloved idols?? such lack of trust??

as fans.. we should love and respect their choices and be happy for them.. bless them and wish them all the happiness in the world..

I am an Indian.. and I am glad that Indian celebrities are pretty much free of these things.. they get married and have babies and families.. still continue to work.. fans support them... i wish it was same for every other celebrity in the world.. no matter where they are from.

and this is coming from a hard core EXO L .. who is just as obsessed with EXO's music as any other EXO L. who loves EXO just as much as any other fellow fam.. i wish them happiness.. who so ever they are happy with...

sorry for a long comment but i needed to get this frustration out of my system after.. JYP party people and SUJU member wedding scandal!!