Welcome to Stallion Riding Club!!!



“When a member rides his horse with a GIRL, he chooses that GIRL to be his soul mate.”


In this riding club, they will definitely find their ONE TRUE LOVE! And that could be YOU!


The person who really loves you will never leave your side no matter how hard things get through better or worse.”


This SRC is a riding club. SRC Means STALLION RIDING CLUB and the Idols are all members. And in that riding club, they will definitely find their one true love! And that could be one of us! 

CHARACTERS: (they are not yet completed. But I’ll post the pictures of the members that you’ll see first, araseo?! :DDD )

LEE TAEMIN-the richest businessman’s son


CHOI MINHO-the gorgeous businessman

JO TWINS-the notorious doppelgangers :DDD

KIM JONGHYUN-the politician wannabe

HENRY LAU-the Chinese hottie


HIROKI AIBA-the Japanese sweetheart

KIM HEECHUL-the doctor-that-looks-like-a-girl :DDDD




1st Chapter: Let’s go to SRC!!!!! East gate and West gate

2nd Chapter: The Main Clubhouse!

3rd Chapter: The Guestrooms in SRC Clubhouse!

4th Chapter: The Stable and the Arena/Racetracks


5th Chapter: The Rider’s Verandah Part 1


A special thanks to Ichigotsuki for the background and also for the poster

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serenityrose #1
Got the complete set of this series. Book 1 - 53. And the Revisited Version Book 1-3. And more are still coming for the Revisited. Plus the Stallion Island. I am so in-love with these books. the boys and the place.
serenityrose #2
Chapter 1: This is the best PHR Series for me. And I love REID ALLEJE! I wanna be at grand villa with the King.

This is the best place to be. Together with those hunky stallion boys. <3
mxsfits #3
This is cool! Im looking forward to the craziness of the twins since jigger and trigger are right? :D
patricia313 #4
hehehe... stallion riding club .. my favorite pocketbook series... :P <br />
<br />
(you are featuring, Jubei, The Samaniego twins, Reid, Yuan, Rozen, Hiro ... right??)
zarifah_nr #5
OMG !!! I want the room that have stairs ! so nice !! o.O it does exist right?! woooaaahhh ~~ <br />
<br />
update soon ^.^
JongKeyOn2Min #6
@beebeezy yes, it really exist but the Idols don't go there really. (Chuckles) hahaha :)
beebeezy #7
zarifah_nr #8
Update soon~~ Don't forget the another one heheh~~~ that too ^^ <3 IT !!
OhItsYing #9
Update soon!!