Selcouth Appetency

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Baekhyun's not ready to move on, and Chanyeol isn't ready to let go.





Title: Selcouth Appetency

Pairing(s): Chanbaek

Warning(s): implied self-harm, implied abuse, [spoiler, highlight to reveal - character death], comment section also contains spoilers -- read at your own risk.

Rating: PG-13

Word count: 4.4k


Written for the debut round of No Happy Ending Fest (2016)

A complete list of my stories can be found here.

I do not allow translations or reposts.

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whiterose12 #1
Chapter 1: Nicely done!
Vice-President #2
Chapter 1: Wow~ I did not expect that, this was amazing. I have read a few falling-in-love with a reaper fics before, but the way this was structured and presented provided for a sudden cute and sad twist. Really good. Thank you! ^^
I'm in love with this.
ichathoriqlover #4
Chapter 1: Wow didn't see that coming but it was beautiful and sad....
Chapter 1: Am crying~ This took forever for me to finish. Just amazing! Well done!
mnafb134 #6
Chapter 1: blinking my unshed tears away in hopes of them not to fall but failing horribly as they start trekking down my cheeks...
its sad that sehun was the only one who went.. it must have been tough on him too... but the worst would be on chanyeol...
Chapter 1: I honestly just have to say that your writing is amazing, I truly enjoyed this and it kept me hooked from the beginning and the twist at the end was what really did it for me. I thought it was going to be the simple angst about some teenage boy with issues and falls in love but it wasn't. I am a er for a good twist and I can't wait to read more of your stories, keep up the good writing! :)
13 streak #8
Chapter 1: Oh wow this was so sad but also very beautiful. This is a very well written story and I really liked the whole idea of it. And some reincarnation are definitely needed hehe ^^ Great story I enjoyed reading it, thank you for writing *^-^*
Chapter 1: This is a masterpiece!! The plot makes me want to re-read it again, which I am. You made me tear up ib the public and faces looking strangely at me. Wow!! just wow! it's beautiful!!