Nepenthean Encounters

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Baekhyun is willing to do anything to escape his sorrows, even if it means running away and starting his life over in a new city, with a new job. His nepenthean encounters come in the form of a single father and his five-year-old son.







Title: Nepenthean Encounters

Pairing(s): Chanbaek, Sekai (if you squint)

Warning(s): mention of depression

Rating: PG13

Word count: 13.7k


Written for the debut round of EXO Housewarming Fest (2016) -- this is the edited version.

This story is technically complete, and can be read as a standalone -- however, I haven't marked it as complete since I do have plans for sequel drabbles in the near future ^^

A complete list of my stories can be found here.

I do not allow translations or reposts.


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Iyesss 1 points #1
Chapter 2: Please do write more chapter on domestic chanbaek!! This is gooddd
Congratulations on getting featured!
Bbyeolchan 1 points #3
I usually dont read stories that are tagged with angst/hurt or even sliceoflife BUT when i saw that you're the author and the story's summary just caught my attention and the story turned out to be really really good with the perfect amount of angst and fluff and domestic and ugh, i love all of your stories.

Please do make the sequel, gonna wait for it!
good job!!
Channi_boi #5
1 points #6
Chapter 2: I feel so fluffy right now (〜 ̄∇ ̄)〜

I would like to read more of these a chapters added here :3 And I'd love to see romantic interactions between Baek and Chanyeol, maybe some jealousy too
sammiko711 1 points #7
Chapter 2: This was the sweetest way to celebrate his birthday. He was reminded that he has a family again. So touching. I would like to see the sequel in chapters as their relationship develops. Really very moving storyline
1 points #8
Chapter 2: Congratulations on getting featured! I've already commented on this on your ao3 account but I suppose I should tell you how much I liked this drabble, this Baekhyun pov. Poor Baek drunk alone the night before but it's touching to see how these new people is starting to make him happy again. I'd love to see more of these in the future! Tysm
Yoonmin102 1 points #9
Chapter 2: Congratulations! This story is absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for writing so amazingly!
congrats on getting featured!!