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--hylx #1
ulzzang contest? like we're going upload files and you are going to pick who's the wiiner? :O
That would be so awesoooome! :3
chansikai #2
i think i'd be interested in the ulzzang contest! well, i guess it depends on what kind lol
MiSunWoo #3
What kind of ulzzang contest? :O
Hongkika #4
Chapter 10: Shin Ho Seok?
anneeeyyyy #5
Chapter 30: I really adore Park Seul Ki, she's really cute. =)
lulu4ever #6
Chapter 30: You should put more baek su min photos, she's really pretty.
zelo-baekhyun #7
Chapter 2: too cute~
one of the photos of mikki (the 6th) is of choi seo hee. :D
kimjongdayyum #8
Chapter 33: Sooo adorable~
haru-ha-ru #9
Chapter 30: omg park seulki is adorable ;A; i want to use every picture of her!!
-lovelies #10
Chapter 30: seulki so so cute ; AAA ;
i wish i was her. lmao.