Of Hospital Beds and Annoying Friends


In which Jongin is extrememly oblivious to hospital rules and decides to bring a couple of gifts for Taemin during visiting hours. 


 Taemin, a snarky hosptial patient. 

 Jongin, Taemin's ballet dancing boyfriend best friend. 

 Junmyeon, the poor stressed doctor.  

 Minho, the loyal nurse. 

+ Others annoying friends. 

Word Count: 3k 



So ... yeah.

I was going to post up a oneshot like this eventually. My Taekai feels have been raging out of control lately, so writing this was a huge stress reliever. 

This is all based off of a AU where Jongin being a children's ballet instructor and Taemin trains at the same studio Jongin works at (Ballet Jongin is my weakness.) I'll probably write some drabbles about it. 

Please take this as a peace offering for not having Cherry Blossoms/Chocolate Kisses or a new chapter of Black Rose Confessions done yet. I promise they'll be up soon, I've been real busy with school and stuff (it . It a lot.) 

Please enjoy! 

(p.s. gif credit goes to the orignal owners.) 

(p.s.s. this oneshot is going to be so dumb i'm so sorry.)



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cynthiaexotic4 #1
Aww what a cute story, just what i needed to brighten up my day ^ ^
Chapter 1: this fanfiction i stg jongin pls
woosansweetkins #3
Chapter 1: Taekai 2ho♡♡♡♡♡♡ its funny ♡♡♡♡♡
Chapter 1: aw this was dorky and adorable!! i love these kinds of fics omg, and jfc jongin bringing kids into this i just lmao iodiognk this was really cute!! and i really like your writing style too! c:
KiraGold #5
Chapter 1: this was so fun and adorable. i'm think i laughed for 2 minutes straight at "you brought i child??!!!" "no,no...i brought 2 ^^" and "my mom says we're an accident too" oh god xd thank you so much for this! hope you have a great day!