27th Aug 2015: In another life, we shall meet again – we shall laugh again.

And no lies shall be uttered as long as I’m with you, boyfriend. 




This is the sequel for Endeavour. Be sure to read that first so it would be less confusing.

Thank you so much for all the love Endeavour had received.





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Congratulations dear for the feature :D
Rawdeyyy 0 points #2
Chapter 2: This one are the saddest yet sweetest hella story ive ever read. Dont read it again please, I told that to myself. But i reread it and cry again T.T
Iyesss #3
Chapter 2: At least this is made up all my tears in Endeavour...
Hidajame #4
Chapter 2: Oml, Angst fics with me are a hit or miss... This fanfic was A DIRECT HIT TO MY HEART AND SOUL. This is such a beautiful story and I am blessed to have found it thank you author nim. This is truly art.
Chapter 2: Thanks for this beautiful story ♥♥♥
maysaa5 #6
Chapter 2: omg your fic made me go to another world totally!!! i loved it and it's really that type of lingering deep angst that will affect you till the rest of your life... i don't know how to describe it... it's distant and i don't know really being a fic-holic i am i have common emotions and a rare ones and not all chanbaek stories affect me this much.
Thank you author nim. their life is sad the'll lose each other again because of the illness. they'll stay warned out untill one them is not. relly thanks for this master piece.
whiterose12 #7
Chapter 2: Feel bad for the wife and son tho
Chapter 2: Beautiful Story! ♥ ;w;
Chapter 2: My heart hurts.