In 2008, Woolim Entertainment debuted girl group "FAERIETALE" with poor promotions, the original six barely making it onto music shows and vareity programs. Then it was revealed that their original leader was involved in a hefty scandal, causing her dismissal form the company and the girl group to disband.

What the public didn't know, though, is that the remaining five girls stayed with the company, training and working together in hopes that they'd perform on a stage once again. After a change in line up, name, and three new members, this girl group was ready to try one more time. Will 4xU succeed this time or will they fall apart for good?



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4xU at their debut showcase in 2015
From left to right: Clara, Venus, Sang Mi, Chase, Sophie, Naeun, JJ, Tina.
Background information
Origin SeoulSouth Korea
Genres K-pop
Years active 2008 – 2009 (FAERIETALE disbandment)
2015 - present (4xU)
  • Woolim Entertainment
Website Official Website
  • Sang Mi, Naeun, Chase, Tina, Venus, Clara, JJ, and Sophie. Former: GiGi
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FAERIETALE (Korean요정 이야기; stylized as FAERIETALE) is a South Korean girl group under Woolim Entertainment that made their debut in 2008. The group consisted of Sang Mi, GiGi, Naeun, Chase, Tina and Venus. However, due to a controversial scandal, GiGi was removed from the lineup and the group was since disbanded. Woolim has mentioned, however, that there is a chance that there might be a new version of "FAERIETALE" to be seen soon.



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Label: Woolim Entertainment
Fanclub Name: Hero/ines
Fanclub Colour: Lavender
Debut Date: April 14th, 2008
Debut Song: 
꿈사탕 (Dream Candy)
Debut Album: Dream of FAERIETALE
Number of Members: originally 6


Group Name: 4xU
Label: Woolim Entertainment
Fanclub Name: TBA
Fanclub Colour: TBA
Debut Date: June 3rd, 2015
Debut Song: 
그대에게 (For You)
Debut Album: This is 4xU!
Number of Members: 8 (7 after the departure of TINA)


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FAERIETALE's Former and Current Members
Name Information Position
Birth Stage Birthdate Extra Extra
Cheon Sang Mi Sang Mi December 26th, 1990 Original Member O  Main Rapper, Vocalist
Lee Naeun Naeun December 31st, 1994 Original Member O Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist
Chaichareon Kraiputra CHASE July 21st, 1993 Original Member O Lead Vocalist, Rapper
TBA The Swan Princess TBA New Member O Lead Dancer, Visual, Vocalist
Violet Xingyi Chan Venus February 9th, 1995 Original Member O Triple Threat
Yoon Jinsol Clara October 5th, 1999 New Member O Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper
Jung "Jinny" Soojin JJ August 8th, 1992 New Member O  Triple Threat
Sophie Yoo Sophie September 13, 1995 New Member O Main Vocalist
Phong Kim Tina December 12th, 1993 Former Member O Lead Dancer, Visual, Vocalist
Seo Gy-uri Sleeping Beauty May 27, 1993 Former Member O Leader, Face of Group, Main Vocalist


Day Dream

Featuring the four youngest members, their concept will resemble the original FAERIETALE and will usually promote in the late spring/early summer rush.
Members: Clara, Sophie, Venus, and Naeun.

Beautiful Nightmare

This subunit is the original four left after FAERIETALE's disbandment, and focus in on a more mature and strong performance, usually concepted as femme-fatale and more R&B than the group as a whole. They mostly promote in late summer/early fall, right after main group's promotions. 
Members: Venus, Naeun, Chase, and Sang Mi.


The three new members make up this subunit, and are called the "Saving Grace" of the group, hence their group name Grace. They usually promote more towards late winter/early spring and have a more Top Pop Hit sort of feel to them.
Members: Clara, Sophie, and JJ.

IDYLL (pronounced IDEAL)

Made up of the three oldest, this is the party group and usually promoting alongside summer promotions with the group. They've trained the longest and have a sort of y, summer vibe to their songs. 
Members: Chase, JJ, and Sang Mi.


Studio albums

  • Dream of FAERIETALE (2008) - The First Mini Album
    Title Track - Dream Candy
    02. - Hurry Hurry
    03. - Huk
    04. - Fairytale Love 
    05. - BubiBu
  • This is 4xU (2016) - The Second Mini Album
    Title Track - For You 
    02. - Just Go!
    03. - Remember
    04. - Party
    05. - Fantasy
  • Sweet Day Dream (TBA) - Day Dream's First Digital EP
    Title Track - Happiness
    02. - I Wonder (feat. TBA)
    03. - Be Natural
  • Every Night (2017) - Beautiful Nightmare's First EP
    Title Track - Every Night
    02. - Time Slip
    03. - Tonight
    04. - The Light
  • Stay (TBA) - Grace's First Single
    Single - Stay
    Secondary Track - Adrelinaine 
  • Am I Your Type? (2016) - IDYLL's First Mini Album
    Title Track - I Swear
    02. - Only You
    03. - I'm in Love (With You)
    04. - AAH OOP! (feat. TBA)
    05. - Girl Crush
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Chapter 29: this halloween chapter was so cute haha
i feel like i've watched the video before but i can't remember for usre
either way, reading about it again makes me laugh
and jb and jj def seem cute together!
i wonder when they got so comfy around each other hmm
my bad memory strikes again hahahaah

alsooooo clara in a survival show omg
i dont wanna be harsh but like i agree with the netizen who said clara is like a 'lead'
only bc i feel like i haven't seen too much of clara yet but everytime, she's being babied
or really shy
if she is joining, i wonder whats gunna happen to 4xu tho
and hope the show wouldn't tear clara apart
I'd like to formally apologize for my lack of updates/commenting, real life (aka my job) has been consuming my liiiife.
Moving on, okay, case in point: GiGi can fall off a cliff and gtfo of the girl's lives like woooow. Honestly, the way you wrote this was really intense, I found myself holding my breath at times I didn't realize I was haha! Just the steady buildup of small scandals over the months and hate comments ulkjbsfd poor thing ;u; the fact that all the girls were so affected by it too just shows how close they are!!!
I just have a lot of feelings and attachments about these girls okay??? okay.

I think any episode that has the group (specifically the boy groups lol) screaming in terror makes me laugh, so this was great lmao. JJ is perfect for this part, Chase would be laughing too hard and give it away tbh lolol. I love that she did get the ones she really wanted to, though! slibhregf dispaTCH AND FANS STOOOOP then again I read into those things but realize I'm like Chase... and do that to pretty much everyone oop s.
Jinsol/Clara is being apart of KPOP Star???? I watched the show and was so sad when Shannon didn't win -- she improved so much and I love her voice, but the boys were super cute so I can see how they won too ;;;;

BRB SOBBING OVER THE GIRLS BC THEY LOVE EACH OTHER SO MUCH. I'm almost sad they didn't do like, Dream Candy or For You, but Into the New World kinda describes the situation perfectly too so I see what you're doing there. So, is the younger girl's subunit going to happen before the full group??? I'm curious because of the new plotline :'O ((which btw i have a v gay app for you but you have so many good ones already i'm--))
I'm actually glad you did a Clara-centric character??? She's so pure and small and seems to be a very support-ish character rn, so to see her want to grow and mature is like, the best thing I could ever see. I'm sad that the older girls don't see it that way though... well Naeun!! I was hoping that she'd get some good screen time -- it seems she's always in a pickle and it's nice to see her interacting with the group more ^^
uhm, Sehun and Venus are precious too, and I would never waste food -- especially when it's free lmao.
Me screaming about the girls throwing a viewing party for Clara/Jinsol, be still my emotional heart. I love the small details you put in here -- who shows up for who (esp Yoongi making a beeline for Chase like -- is it his anxiety about people??? is it his crush showing??? who knows it's min yoongi lmao) and the sheer awe of admiration and proudness from the girls for little Jinsol makes me happy. She's sooo talented and deserves to do well!!
I'm honestly so excited for the next few chapters -- awards season??? swan princess reveal??? D-d-d-ddRAMAAAA ((u know how i love the fighting))
As for suggestions, I'd love seeing the girls at the actual shows -- MAMA specifically. Another suggestion would be the girls meeting with the potential trainees??? To get a feel for who each girl is and how'd they interact with the group??? who knows maybe we'll all love one and be like like yES THIS ONE IS THE CHOSEN ONE lol Also, I hope Jinsol is able to come along and participate -- will we see more of her or just specific episodes you find important?
I hope in the new year there's more experimentation with the girl's sound. collaborations, solos (maybe, it might be too early??), acting projects (jj jj jj jj pls, the trot drama eunji was in still remains forever one of my faves even tho I can't remember the name eerk), and love interest/rivalries to be born or developed further!! :'O
anyways yeah I'm rambling -- I'm glad you're doing alright, and I swear I'll try and be better about commenting, I just get so tired after work I'm TT^TT ;;
Chapter 30: Oh oh oh this is so beautiful T^T I really loved this chapter! When Fayza won't be chosen, I would be really disappointed because I'm really invested into this story already
HOw they treat her like a lil baby
how excited they got about her achievement in speech class was the greatest thing omg
and seungkwan not letting his best friend go at any point in time XD
and when the siblings were talking about their pre-debut days, i really felt the nostalgia?
reminds me of how carefree and chill everyone was back in HS
meanwhile college is a complete dip, i've never felt more lonely?
everyones' busy with their jobs and school work, i haven't hung out with anyone since summer lmao.

i'm so happy to see more interactions between venus and sehun lmaooo
and ofc it makes it so much better that kaistal was around!
i'm really looking forward to seeing more of their interactions hahahhahahaha
lol i'm biased, can't help it xD

omg sophie is hilarious!!!!! i think she's my fave character in this chapter
or maybe her ukulele was XD
and the interactions between jj, sohpie and chase was hilarious!!

awwww my poor myungeun heart omg
myungsoo why u being like that ugh
i'm dying to find out why!!!
it was also nice to read about naeun and gigi's friendship
but oh no tina auditioning to the drama :(
i kinda skipped ahead to read the soompi article and now i'm wondering what gigi did to poor tina ugh ugh ugh

but i really like the girls' relationships with each other
and how quickly they sat naeun down with ice cream and what not to cheer her up and talk about
you can really see how much the girls care about each other

that ending tho omg

but yess i am on a roll with these comments, so happy to be catching up hehe
i missed so much and i fully regret it otl

chase babying bambam
sophie's friendship with btob and esp sungjae was so great omg
ayyyy hyunsik and jj
jb and jj
sangmi finding out about mamamoo is probs my fave about this chapter lmaoo
chase's relationship with yoongi is bff goals af omg
and i love how yoongi got lowkey salty bc of yixing lmao
it was so cuteee
tina' relationship with tae was also such a nice read
and her asking bout leo at the end LOOL
and i'll end this comment here before i start quoting basically everything that happened in this precious chapter haha

will try to get to the other chapter comments soon!
once again, sorry for sucha delay!
Chapter 27: Alright, onto that Halloween goodness. HAH yeah she's probably here for Twice, there's no way she's coming to flirt with a certain boygroup member naaah xD "Just hit them back, they deserve it" OMG. Truth probably xD AW she made him scream omg, lil weenie. I love his reaction when he finds out it's her. Of course Jackson is the bigger weenie though xD He's such a dramatic I love him so much.

Aaah I don't have time to comment anymore I have to go. That was really quite, and it's nice to see a shorter chapter that just follows one member too! (Also i c u using that APINK/BTOB photo xD) Aaah but of course it might not have been a good idea to do a boy group video after the whole Tina thing. As ty as it is, they might end up getting a reputation for it, because knets are nuts. As for Sungjae and BTOB, there's enough Beatcom behind the scenes madness to keep you fuelled for eternity I bet. If you want specifics hit me up but I've already been waiting too long and my friends are getting impatient, gotta go!!
Chapter 5: Omg sorry I totally forgot about the appearance/style section! I got so drawn into this girl's orbit that I forgot the basics! It has een fixed now!

Omg ikr? Mijoo is stunning, especially with that blonde hair! I don't know why she isn't pulling a Hyoyeon and going blonde forever honstly. And hes she would /absolutely/ fight someone xD I'M GLAD YOU LIKE MY PUN. I was so proud of that omg xD Yes she IS kind of like Sharpay! Definitely antihero, coming to save the day one hairflip at a time but you better believe she gains from it too.

BEES. (Is that a Dragon Age reference I spot there?). YAS justice for the ace babes (aka me //hairflip)! Sandeul has that perfect cute dork look to him <3 I'm glad you like Seok! I'd like to think that he's just always so wrapped into his own physics and research that he doesn't even notice the screeching coming from next door, and internally he's like "Oh I have such nice neighbours", meanwhile the apartment next to him has caught fire and there are sirens everywhere. Aw your gf doesn't even like the urban outdoors? I mean you bring Miso to an actual forest and she'd probably be circling a tree like "where is the usb port I need to charge my phone", but the urban outdoors is great ;A; And stars are freaking awesome.

HONEY. You're great too and I owe you like a bajillion comments and YOU WILL GET THEM when nanowrimo isn't destroying me. I love the way you write too and I'll never miss an opportunity to be involved in a Symphonies Production. Thank you so much for the compliments, I'm so glad you love my children they're all dumb in their own right ;A; THANK YOU SO MUCH OMG.