What a Beautiful Mess This Is

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Do Kyungsoo hires a cleaning service for his mess of an apartment. He expects a middle-aged cleaning lady, he gets Kim Jongin instead.





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He can smell Jongin's cologne, musky and heady, and Kyungsoo fights the urge to lay his head on his chest to take in more of it. And though he's done, his thumb shamelessly lingers on the curve of his cheek, tracing the smoothness of it. His eyes follow the angle of his jaw, the shape of his chin, to the captivating redness of his lips and God help him because all he wants to do is to lean in and have a taste. He looks up to see Jongin staring, eyes burning into his.


Kyungsoo swallows the sudden lump in his throat because he realizes he should pull back, move away, he's already crossed the many lines he'd drawn around to protect himself. The familiar twist in his chest is what snaps him back to his senses and  he hastily removes his hand but neither of them step back.



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Hi !  

First time posting, first exo fic, first chaptered fic (a lot of firsts for this one) and i haven't written in years so please be kind to me. *twiddles fingers nervously*

PG rating for now, possible rated chapters near the end.

Constructive comments are highly appreciated so I can improve.  :)

Btw, this was written like a sitcom, hence the scene transitions all throughout the fic.



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