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Hello. I'm Cazine, I'm 16, from the United States.


I love Kpop but I'm kinda completely and utterly biased by Super Junior so that I can't even think about anyone else. So, I do invite you to reccomend great songs to me. I'm more inclined to like songs than getting into a band. To me, being apart of a fandom is something that you can't casually do. It's something that has to be taken serious and you have to be really devoted. That's why although I am a fan of many groups I can only consider myself apart of a few fandoms. This list is in no particular order after SJ.

Fandom (Group /Name) Bias and Information

  1. ​ELF (Super Junior)- Super Junior is my main bias. I have absolutely no bias in this group because I love them all too much to bear. They all act five year olds and are crazy and stupid and care nothing for their image and I just... I am too in love to handle it. No matter how much I try to break away from them, these possesive idiots won't let me. Eunhae got me in, the other 13 wouldn't let me go.
  • ​Cassioepia (DB5K)- Yoochun is my bias. DBSK is amazing. They are truly the gods of Kpop. Their stage presence is powerful, their vocals are magnificent, and as five they are unstoppable. Even split apart, they're nothing short of awesome. I am an ot5 forever.
  • Shawol (SHINee)- Onew. That's all I can say about SHINee. Onew is hilarious. His love for chicken is hilarious. His condition is hilarious. Meolhadeo Onew Sangtae. Dun-dun-Dun. I love the other members, too though.
  • BlackJack (2NE1)- Naega chae chaelugae. They're the best girl group Kpop has to offer. They're bold, strong, and talented and that's what I love about them. They're not about simpering and whining about how they twinkle or whatever. They're whats up. Bom is my bias but CL and Dara are close seconds.
  • VIP (Bigbang)- I'm more of a fan of GTOP because they were the first group I obsessed over but Seungri and Daesung and Taeyang are all amazingly talented and I love them like crazy. Although Super Junior is my bias group, Bigbang and 2NE1 make the best music IMO.
  • BANA (B1A4)- Honestly, I have trouble identifying Sandeul and Gongchan.... But, I love B1A4. Their first two albums are ingrained into my brain and I idolize them. They're too great for words.
  • YoonAdict (Yoona)- What is this woman? She is so beautiful that I can barely hold in my love for her. She's cute, funny, talented, and I just want to glomp her all over the place. I'm so totally in love with her.





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