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Personal Message


i'm so tired,

i wish i was the moon;  ( mbie07 )  ( female )  ( 18 )  ( 06121994 )  ( credit )  

there are many things that had happened. i was broken and was rebuilt. i fell and was able to stand up once again. hello, this is mbie07 speaking you utterly fail and lazy fanfiction writer who was obessesing with the idea that the world is mine. that it revolve only for me. that there was night and day because of me. i love myself way too much. i value only what interests me, what i needed, what i will benefit from. i am stupid and lazy. i am a failure and in pieces. i love john green so much. i love augustus waters, miles halter and every character that john green has created in his brilliant creation. i am a deeply unhappy person. and no you can't change me. you can't bring me down. i am me. i am young, wild and infinite. 

tonight, i am invincible. because i am the hurricane, the bigger infinite over other infinite and i am the paper girl who ventured out to the place that has once became a paper town and was now a reality.