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“Sorry guys. I 've been too busy with college to continue any stories. :(”



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About Me

1. I LOVE to readand write. I read more than I write though. I'm an avid reader on

2. I'm new to writing fanfiction. Actually, I'm new to writing in general.

3. I have a couple of stories hidden away in my secret-magic diary.

4. I hate 100% fluffy stories unless it's believable. I love stories with believable and solid plotlines. I try to avoid tragedy and angst as much as possible cuz really, my life gives me a dangerous dose of both.

5. Most of my stories are quite mundane. I'm sorry my life isn't exciting. Unlike most people, I can't even comprehend something I haven't experienced, except for love. So I can't write an exciting story no matter how hard I try.

6. I'm an impatient person, so don't be surprised if I leave a story half-way; not to mention I'm quite lazy too.

7. I update slower than a sloth. So I hope whoever reads my story has patience. My story also begins with VERY slow beginnings.

8. The idols I use as characters aren't necessarily idols I know. I just use them cuz I suck at coming up with names. I usuall don't use a female idol cuz I think Korean, Japanese, Chinese women are scary looking. Blame it on horror movies (I'm looking at you Ju-On).

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