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The new member os Titanium should be?

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Heya there o/ this is Mi-chama's kangmin world welcome to it lol You can call me Michi, Michiyo (my japanese name), Gi, or G-chama~

Well I started on the fanfic world as an OC writer my fics were mostly Sungmin paired with an OC girl XD after a while due to some major influence from fellow elfs i started to sail the Kangmin ship (was almost brainwashed into boarding the kyumin ship first). Slowly while reading Kyumin fics and hunting down good kangmin fics to read I found myself pulled into becoming a kangmin writer, mostly because Kangin has always been my weakest spot and i found myself hating more and more how he was portrayed in most fics I read. I guess it was my overprotective feeling towards him that made me build my ship and set sail lol nowadays i pretty much only write kangmin.

I fancy supernatural themes and most of my readers praise me a lot on them, i also fancy crime/police thrillers, those are themes i really like to write. My stories roam around many genres from fluff to anst, and a little bit of , but I don’t write NC-17 so don’t come looking for it – (I can write stuff bordering it but not the actual thing) I have no problem with violence though so R can happen (quite often I presume). I also don't write gender-switch (tried once once and i am not going to try again) I find them disturbing and awfully OC because hey they are guys, i like cross-dressing themes though, they are fun and specially useful in crack fics.

If you want to translate my fics drop me a PM and if you want to write NC-17 in any of my universes feel free (collaboration can happen I'm open to them lol) I would love to read what I cannot write lol (get's bricked)

Chaptered fics will be subscribers only for as long as it's not yet complete to guarantee those interested will receive a warning on the update ^^


Super Junior has been my first K-pop band and since then i still love their music though nowadays - in my humble opinion - they are losing touch. I listen to random groups and don't really follow on news or whatnots. out of super junior i only know some artists from SM entertainment and some from other agencies but for the life in me don't ask names XD

I have major love for Westlife, Gackt and X-Japan.

As for bias I am KangMinKyu biased, please don't ask me to choose between them i just can't XD 



I tried to make a master list of my fics, this is pretty much what i have here in AFF

Master List

I am also open to requests, but i only take them for kangmin, if you want me to write something then drop by at my Kangmin Requests Shop

I also have a Layout Shop If you need a layout drop a request ^^