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Which story would you like to me to start updating first?

  • Monster
  • Mochi to Muscle
  • Hollow Eyes
  • Dog Tags
  • Mend His Heart

Personal Message

         I am your typical 23 year old college student.

I am studying Natural Resource Ecology, which will help me with my Wildlife Biology career.

I'm an animal rights activist & Future Vegan.

I tend to rant a lot on my blog about AFF, fans, or kpop idols behaviors. I also blog about my drunk adventures. I tend to blog more than I update my stories.

I always tell my subbies Im gonna update, but end up finding myself watching an anime or drama for an hour and then put off updating for another day and repeat.

I also CANNOT STAND ROLEPLAY ACCOUNTS, SO DONT LEAVE IT ON MY WALL, this also goes for story ads.(I dont mind if you enjoy it, just don't spam my wall)

I'm an avid drama watcher and a big Running Man fan, so don't hesitate to spazz with me about those!

I'm also a Sailor Scout & Leaf Shinobi (;

My name is Andy, but if you feel too uncomfortable, author-nim is fine~