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Hi!~ My name is Yeji. U can call me Sakura too. I don't mind! I luv all of the stories here!~ I'll be happy to reveiw your stories if you would like me to! I really love music! I listen to k-pop, j-pop and a little bit of English songs. (I'm working on english songs... I like pop and hip hop the most!~) My favorite korean singers are: Boyfriend, SHINEE, 2PM, 2AM, SNSD, SUJU, B2ST, Lee hyori, DBSK, JYJ, Lee sung gi, Big Bang, F(x), T-ARA,Kara, SISTAR, Miss A, 2NE1, Se7en, 4 minute, G.NA and SECRET. My favorite Japanese singers are: Yamaa Tomohisa (Yamapi), NEWS, Mizuki Nana, Alones, and Rie Fu.