What Story Should I Work On?

  • A Million Reasons Why
  • South Side Mafia
  • Chasing Light In Darkness
  • None

Personal Message

Hello Humans of Earth!

I am Tara, or you can call me Tarbear, Tarzan and so much more :3: I have oodles of them honestly ^-^

Here Are Some Facts About Me!

  • I am seveenteen years old :D
  • I do online schooling - I will be a senior this year :)
  • Sadly, I only live in Jerseyville Illinois
  • I have been a fan of K-POP since 2010- Seven years!
  • Top three favorite colors are- Blue, Black, White :D
  • I despise the color pink e,e 
  • I'm akso a huge horror movie freak! Friday The 13th is my favorite!
  • I have two siblings (Amanda- 25) And Jacob (23)
  • I've been to: New York City, Florida, ia, Rhode Island!
  • I dream to visit Seoul Korea, As Well as The UK!
  • I have a boyfriend in real life, his name is Atticus. I have known him since preschool- but we have been together for a year! He's from the UK. He also loves K-POP!
  • I love love love Energy Drinks, Pizza 

About Me

My K-POP Bias Lists/ Bands!

Bias Band Favorite Song
Rap Monster, Suga, Kookie, Jimin, V, J-Hope BTS Spine Breaker
Kai, Baekhyun, Sehun EXO El Derado
Jongup, Zelo B.A.P Confessions
Zico Block- B Did You Or Not?
Hongki, JaeJin Ft Island Shadows
Bobby, BI IKON Anthem
Woongi SEVENTEEN Pretty U
Taeyang BigBang Love You To Death
Jay Park Solo Singer Joah

There is of course more :D PM Me and much more and I will let you know :D Maybe even message you and su