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 ✧ arin ✧ 17 ✧ writer ✧  
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✧ rookie writer.
✧ twitter: @seokmandu. [ click ! ]
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ult groups;
wanna one 
* there is no such thing as a bias in exid,
while in seventeen, all six of maknae line are my
biases and all seven of hyung line are wreckers.
tru story.
** i also like big bang, block b, exo's chen, suju,
gfriend, pristin, weki meki and old ggs.
the ultimates list:
BANGTAN. hoseok, seokjin.
BLOCK B. jaehyo.
EXID. error 404.
PRISTIN. siyeon.
SVT. seungkwan, minghao, chan.
WANNA ONE. daehwi, jihoon.