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Personal Message

I update randomly but I'm sure to update. I don't know which story of mine I will update next so watch out for em. Who knows when an idea or ideas may knock me on the forehead and leave me with a large bruise and a mad desire to write. 


About Me

Random things about me:

NameAmber Wu

Interests: I write of my own interest. Myths, non-fictions, urban legends and historical stories - ancient.

Personality: blunt, sarcastic bordering sardonic and snarky person - but I don't bite. Extremely ambitious, highly competitive, manipulative HAR HAR. Sometimes I rebel for the fun of it. I'm a fun gal lol

Contacts: tumblr => sly-ol-amber.tumblr.com

                  tw​itter => amberc_116


Message: Highly active on tumblr. Feel free to follow me and make sure to ask for a follow back on twitter, cus that's how I know I can talk to you. But sometimes I'm a lousy twitterer, like I'm an absentee in the social network #quoting.

Is a die-hard Cassandra Clare (woo team Simon!), Riordan, Running Man and EXO fan, don't forget Teen Wolf and a whole lot of other drama series.

If I speak too fast, that deeply concealed Irish accent of mine comes out.  Still Irish.