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I Ended Up Being The Bride. [EDITING] [Complete]

by luexoxiolu
Characters: Ahn Heerin (OC/YOU) - Luhan
Tags: comedy romance you exom luhan

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The Seeress Of Exo

by lilyemc
Characters: OC, EXO-K, & EXO-M
Tags: action fantasy romance exo exok exom

On planet EXO, there exists a race of people called Exotians. In times past, the... Read More

You and Me: Another Cinderella Story [Complete]

by hiheymondays
Characters: INFINITE, Kim Myungsoo/L, Nam Woohyun, OC
Tags: infinite kimmyungsoo myungsoo namwoohyun romance woohyun

The ideal prince charming that stars in childhood's ... Read More

Author Spotlight

Esther has just published her first novel outside of Asianfanfics called "The Stargazer's Scrapbook". Her debut work is sold through retailers such as Barnes & Noble and Amazon (links below!) and is selling rapidly in her home country of Canada and abroad. Proceeds will go towards the Alzheimer Society of Canada as the novel itself is centered on the topic of Alzheimer's disease. AFF will also be donating related proceeds to the Alzheimer Society of Canada.

Like her Facebook page at facebook.com/ESLWriting
Get to know more about Esther through her AFF profile
Get "The Stargazer's Scrapbook" at Amazon
Visit the Alzheimer Society of Canada

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What's wrong with you? [Complete]

by Keytoyourheartxoxo
Characters: choi minho,minho,choi sooyoung,sooyoung
Tags: choiminho choisooyoung minho romance sooyoung

Two-shots of Minho and Sooyoung Sob I love this pairing too much it hurts lol Read More

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by GeniusGyu updated on 7-23-2014
Tags: graphic infinite poster request sunggyu postershop graphicshop

... Read More

Am I Pathetic? [Complete]

by TOPistop updated on 7-23-2014
Characters: top choi seunghyun kang daesung
Tags: bigbang daesung sad top todae

Your arms are my comfort but they're never wrapped around me. Your smile is my light but it's never shown for me. I wish you could comfort me like I imagine you do...... Read More

arranged marriage [Subscribers Only]

by TaeNy0901 updated on 7-23-2014
Tags: drama jessica taeny taeyeon tiffany taengsic

  ... Read More

Mysterious Sinner

by chocoball_vambie updated on 7-23-2014
Characters: Kim Jongin l Do Kyungsoo l Oh Sehun l Luhan l EXO
Tags: exo kai luhan sehun hunhan kyungsoo kaisoo

Jongin, the guy who had a very mysterious life, as soon as he arrived at school, people will start to whisper to each othe... Read More


by Overdose_Kpopers updated on 7-23-2014
Characters: Son Jieun (You) | Chanyeol
Tags: malayromance

Son Jieun tinggal bersama kakak dan adik lelakinya,Son Naeun dan Jeon Jungkook..Ada misteri di sebalik kisah silam mereka yg menyebabkan Kai dan Sehun bergaduh... Read More

I Am A Man

by xxivart updated on 7-23-2014
Characters: Junhyung, Dujun, You
Tags: dujun hara junhyung romance you doojoon

Friendship between boys and girl, did it really exist? You love your best(boy)friend for ages without him knowing. Without you and him knowing too, he feels the same way. Till someone comes... Read More

What If? : YG family hidden stories [Subscribers Only]

by azurelady28 updated on 7-23-2014
Characters: YG Artists
Tags: daragon topbom sunsky 2ne1andbigbang

What if? A question composed of two simple words but usually leaves a lot of people hanging.   What if I didn't say No? Would it still be me holding his hand now? What if I did... Read More

Penumbra (Apply Soon...)

by anthroalex12 updated on 7-23-2014
Characters: VIXX, GPBasic and applicants (you)
Tags: gpbasic horror you applyfic vixx

... Read More

DIAMOND Writing Contest

by deliberatemistake updated on 7-23-2014
Characters: Lee Sungjong, Other idols
Tags: infinite sungjong writingcontest alljong

... Read More

I Am His What?!

by HunTy1204 updated on 7-23-2014
Characters: Kim Yura (you), Kim Myungsoo, Kim Sungkyu, Kim Joon Myeon (Suho), Lee Sungyeol, EXO, Infinite and other characters
Tags: infinite myungsoo sungkyu you traineelife sehun suho

Annyeong!!! HunTy1204 here ;). i know that my other fanfic is not finish yet but i cant just stop thinking about Infinite xD. im in my inspirit mood xD. i will be not going to update often cause i hve... Read More

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