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RolDeej #1
Chapter 53: Thank you, Authornim. I really enjoyed the story. i will be reading all your completed stories! ❤️
RolDeej #2
Chapter 24: Spazzing!!! This part made me remember a similar scene from the move Pretty Woman. I love this version more!
w1nnerk0n #3
x169618x #4
Chapter 56: I can't stop laughing at every chapter XD this is gold XD my cheeks and stomach hurt cz i can't control my laughter XD
Oh and the drama :') fortunately daragon ended up together :3:3 bom is me XD her reaction to everything is how i act throughout this story XD
I love other characters too ❤ except jongwan -_- i hhhhaaatttteeeeeee himmmm!?!
Oh and love this piece of art ❤ thanks for sharing this with us ❤
ho0ney #5
Chapter 25: I can't read chapter 26!! O.o
Chapter 33: Why I cannot read chapter 33?
taurus818 #7
Chapter 32: Re reading again.. Authornim your jjang. Also I love the mobster couple in mfr2
Ihateeveryonearoundm #8
vanillamochis #9
I don't know how many times I cried because of laughing too much...
emerald_cross #10
Chapter 16: I keep on laughing like crazy.
Angelz0715 #11
Chapter 10: It's so great to read this story again haha xD Gosh I'm laughing so much that I'm tearing up and my stomach hurt so bad lmao
Chapter 56: aahhh! i really love this story! i really wish it's on book so i can re-read anytime i want like other huntress's works :)
ahhh! re-reading this again! :))
102393 #14
Chapter 33: Why I can't read chapter 33? :(
Rivu_92 #15
Chapter 53: I love this story!
This is really beautiful!
evelym #16
Chapter 1: Omg im miss laughing bcoz this story,and that's why im gonna reread for dozen times
GDixxxe #17
My first ever completed fic! Nice sotry~~
I have repeatedly reading this over the time since 2012, this story never gets old... good job!
exokyunglu #19
Chapter 53: Eeek freaking love this story I don't have any ships for jiyong but it was an amazing first Big Bang/ GD and daragon story to read. It was written so beautifully and I loved every bit of it. Can't wait to when I get the chance to read mobster for rent and the fan girl contract which I've already subscribed to.
exokyunglu #20
Chapter 51: Omg okay I was wrong again whaaat I did not see that coming jongwan was the one behind all of this omo wow this story is freaking amazing and damn that Kiko needs a slap why oh why did this have to happen when things were about go back to normal.
exokyunglu #21
Chapter 46: Omg wow so my theory backfired and thank goodness for that Minho wasn't a traitor and he is a good best friend haha and thankfully yu hee isn't that bad so glad they were just helping to solve the mystery. But now I'm beginning to think Donghae is the guy behind it from SM like I'm pretty sure he found out about gd and dara before seeing her in uni or something and he obviously must be in love with her since they know each other since kids so maybe it is him especially since he like kissed dara knowing she's dating and then just telling her to come with him in front of Jiyong. Gah this is crazy I don't know anymore I do think her moving out would be good but to be nearer to her friends and not break up with jiyong but still get there own lives too and grow up and get Donghae out the picture since he's shown up like dara has distanced herself from everyone like bom and Minho too I don't like that Donghae needs to go.
exokyunglu #22
Chapter 39: OMFG Okay I would have known Yu hee to do something so annoying like that and take the pictures I had that hint since i read that scene but no not Minho too why oh why couldn't you just stick to being such a good best friend and nothing more gah! Why! I guess TOP is the only proper good friend for Dara even if he does like her but gave it up for his brother/member. Ah seriously my first ever big bang fan fiction that i've been reading slowly since past 2 weeks and I'm loving it. Sorry I haven't commented in previous posts I always read this when i got the chance during my travels or in the evening. I will say though even though I loved this story sometimes you just don't like even the main character lol like the girl in vampire diaries a tv show lol but I really didn't like dara for at least 30 episodes lol her character was darn annoying I would have been the exact same as Jiyong if I knew someone like that actually correction I knew someone exactly like that someone I didn't want as a friend but had to 'become friends' for the sake of her being friends with my best friend and close friends but sooner or later she turned out to be some next evil person who created this big fight which lasted for few months where she was jealous of my best friend and i so she tried to break us up and she would have succeeded but 3 months after we found out what was actually going on. LOL i don't even know why i brought that up but dara's character reminded me a bit of her. But i'm loving this story so much hopefully I can finish it off today or tomorrow on my days off.
Dhize4ever #23
Chapter 27: this is soo entertaining, i keep on laughing on my sit and someone ask me if i`m okay,...hahahahahaha....WTF!....this is good please make another one of this.
Chapter 43: I'm crying
infirinity #25
Chapter 16: I really hope there will be a sequel. Just like MFR. I really liked the special chapter. Fighting unnie~ ^^;;
Cookiepanda101 #26
This is really good Author-nim keep it up!!!!
prettyunnie #27
Chapter 53: Can' t help rereading again for nth the bickering....the jealous dragon...the dorky ahjumma....tnxs....still waiting for your update "MFR 2"....
read this while procrastinating today.. wow its like you predicted donghae and daras friendship?!? and predicted kiko too?!?
Cliamae #29
Chapter 48: not done reading this...but my daragon now s broken...because f new gd scandal..huhuhu japanese model again (nana) whaaa i think i cant finish reading this really crying rivers now ..i feel disapointed haist o think i ship dara t other now... Whaaa i hope donghae and dara at the end of this story...make jaedara story plsss my daragon heart really gone DARA plss have a boyfriend now huhuhu i really love jaedara ship now i think dara really desereved a good man..but i hope gd and dara anounce thier relationship .sorry just for my comment i want to write how i fel i feel betrayd.huhuhu i need to finish this now and find another story to read about dara...huhuhuhuhu
adriel45 #30
Chapter 53: reading it again for the nth time....when will you published the boo? waiting....
kathalina_kat #31
Chapter 19: Finally, it hit me after 5-6years! G-Dragon is translation of JiYong name. *shy**lost* *embarassed*
Chapter 26: "Nothing happened between us" gd is emotionally constipated and im frustrated kskckskxkkdkddkd
Ankeexxi #33
Chapter 44: Fiance??!!! I didnt expect that coming...
Whimzy_bookie #34
Chapter 1: Easily the best Daragon Fanfic I've read! Reading it again for the nth time! :D
aluuyzaah #35
Chapter 47: KYAHHH! Finally! I missed this! :)
aluuyzaah #36
Chapter 47: KYAHHH! Finally! I missed this! :)
aluuyzaah #37
Chapter 45: Huhuhuhu it's too painful to read but I did and it breaks my heart big time. I hope I still have the sanity to read the following chapters waaahhhh!! I can do this! Hwaitingggggg!
aluuyzaah #38
Chapter 44: Okayy... I hate GD right now-- and I cried to this chapter to the point that I was brawling my eyes out but --- FIANCE?!?!?!?!! WHAT THE?!
aluuyzaah #39
Chapter 43: ANDWAEEEEE?!?!!?! Huhuhuhuhu
aluuyzaah #40
Chapter 40: What's happening huhuhu