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The Ghost Whisperer

Kwon Haneul has a gift. She can see the spirits of those who have died - both good and bad. When a newly deceased spirit approaches her, he only asks for one thing. To look after his little brother, Myungsoo.

Peppermint Pastime

 Mir: The realisation that the best date/night was just sharing a tub of ice-cream together. 

BySeoulcrash updated
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Saat MBLAQ Ikutan Lomba 17an

gimana yah kalo para personel MBLAQ ikut serta dalam lomba memperingati Hari Kemerdekaan Indonesia yang ke-68? kalo mereka ikutan balap karung... ato gak panjat pinang... makan kerupuk... lari kelereng...   pokoknya semua akan dikupas dengan tajam setajam pedang katananya samurai di one shot karya saya ini! hehehehehe ^^

Byamayasooyun updated
Charactersmblaq seungho g.o leejoon cheondoong mir
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Endless story^^

It's my daydream which I've been dreaming about since a few years now. So it will have my nickname in it but you can of course feel free to insert your name^^

ByJoonaticted updated
CharactersLee Joon /Seungho /Byunghee / Mir / Cheondung / me and friends
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Love, and Rival

love, should i describe it? it's sure if you have a love then you must be have a rival too. what if your rival come from your old love's bro?

ByRe-playworld updated
CharactersMBLAQ, Yang Seungho, Bang Cheolyong, Lee Changsun, Park Sanghyun, Jang Byunghee
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Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel   There will never any barriers for love.

BySsong-jun updated
CharactersYang Seungho - Jung Byunghee [G.O] - Lee Changsun [Joon] - Park Sanghyun [Cheondoong] - Bang Cheolyong [Mir] - Choi Sohyun [You] - Kim Jiyeon [Your friend] - Mr. Kim
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Prince, and a Pauper

this is the story, when you, from being a poor girl. And suddenly you meet your uncle from your parent, who had passsed away when you're a child and you couldn't even remember it. in your 20's birthday, your uncle said it's time to you to fiancing with your uncle relatives cild. You just could nod without hesitation even you didn't know who it is. What have you done after this/

ByRe-playworld updated
CharactersMBLAQ, YOU, Yang Seungho, Park Sanghyun, Lee Joon, Jang Byunghee, Bang cheolyeong
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