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A series groups related stories to make them easier for readers to find together.
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Autumn's Daisy

Mei lived a dull life, everyday was just the same as the next. From her shameful job, her clueless and selfish classmates, the rising and setting of the sun. Everything was set, everything was the same. But that all changed when she met BTS.

Colors : The Series (1)

BTS ship collection (4)

A series of fluffy short stories revolving around my favourite BTS ships.

BTS x male!reader (3)

A collection of stories featuring the bangtan members and male readers!

Chanbaek (6)

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid (3)

How would or How Should Kpop sing Kpop/Jpop) (8)

So Far Away (1)

Arranged/Forced Marriage (2)

It focuses on how two strangers or hardly known each other people are forced into an unwanted marriage, either due to circumstances or the sacrifice they made for their loved ones. And how they conquer the hate for each other and surrender to the attraction and passion they feel for each other.

Woogyu's Bundle of Joy* (4)

Two men who fell in love, get married, and created their own beautiful world by adopting five precious kids: Dongwoo, Hoya, Sungyeol, Myungsoo, and baby Jongie. This story is about parenting, the struggle of everyday married life, and being a family.

For The Love of Theatre (2)

A theater alternate universe where Minho is a director, Kibum is his stage manager, and Jinki is an actor.

The Coffee Shop (2)

Lee Jinki owns a coffee shop that Kim Kibum is quite fond of.

taeten moments (2)

Love Series (3)

Sehun is an undercover cop assigned to infiltrate and take down Exo, the biggest crime organization in Seoul. He'll do anything to complete his mission, including becoming the lover of Exo's boss, Kai.

You Call It Romance (2)

Snippets of Jimin and Jungkook's relationship from day to day.

127 squad (8)

7 songs for members

let out the trash. (3)

need to srsly clear my head


All stories set in the Backfire universe

The weight of a decision au (2)

Colorful (2)

You make my life colorful ♥

The Black & White Series (1)