Series (722 series)

A series groups related stories to make them easier for readers to find together.
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Autumn's Daisy

Mei lived a dull life, everyday was just the same as the next. From her shameful job, her clueless and selfish classmates, the rising and setting of the sun. Everything was set, everything was the same. But that all changed when she met BTS.

Revenge's Storm (2)

EXO WolfAU - Flower Moon Pups (3)

MarkSon Christmas (3)

50 Shades of Choi (4)

Demon in Love (3)

The story of 6 Devils across the path of forbidden love.

Black Mansion Series (2)

The tales of the Animi, an alien race that crash landed on earth, and their struggles of fitting into a world meant for humanity.

HIM (2)

Two stories that meet at one point.

Little Things (2)

A four-part series comprising of unrelated stories, each of them set in one of the four seasons of the year.

Behind Closed Doors (2)

Loving Someone Like You (3)

Poison (2)

DC Universe (1)

Garotos (3)


Phantom X (2)

Phantom X Series: 1. Steal My Heart As Well 2. A Good Day to Steal


anbeat universe

Distance Love (2)

Enigmatic Romance (3)

The three friends found themselves a three men to their lives an change their futures..

Throughout the Years (1)

Twelve stories, one for each month of the year. They may or may not be related, but the writing styles will more or less be similar. It doesn’t matter what order you read them in, but some months will be sequels to other months, and they won’t necessarily be in chronological order. I’ll keep updating the list as time passes: January February March April May June July - Baekxing August September October November December

Trigger (2)

7 Deadly Sins (2)