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Parallel Roads (Meet Sometimes)

[Baekyeol] Baekhyun wants to be a singer, like his idol, Chanyeol, who happens to be hating life at the moment. Perhaps meeting would be beneficial for both.

Guardian of an Obnoxious

By BaboPanda Updated
Characters You, Kai, Luhan
With 47 chapters, 900 votes, 178510 views, 3679 comments
Status Subscribers Only

An angel with no memories of her death is given a rare opportunity to find out about her past and she doesn't waste the chance to take it. However, she doesn't know of the consequences that she would face once she reaches earth. When she finally meets her obnoxious human boy, it was hate at first sight, but she finds herself protecting him with all her heart. Then she comes face to face with a mysterious boy at school who would

Watching Me

By Pirupi Updated
Characters Oh Jaeyun (OC/You), Luhan & Oh Sehun
With 31 chapters, 960 votes, 6047 subscribers, 119500 views, 1776 comments
Status Completed

4 years ago when you had first moved into your house with your parents and older brother Sehun, you immediately knew that there was an unsettling tension that hung in the air of this old worn out house. You were assured countless times that this unpleasant feeling would

Of Proposal and Relationship

By -yuurika Updated
With 1 chapters, 160 votes, 142 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Park Chanyeol said he was not looking for a relationship. He had thousands of things to handle and relationship was not going to make his life easier. However, Byun Baekhyun came into his life with a proposal. Byun Baekhyun said, with both of their IQs, looks and wealth, the combination of both of them would create the most perfect thing in the world.   But Chanyeol could not see other things that came along with that.

Embracing You

By keledek Updated
Characters Jinyoung, Mark of GOT7
With 30 chapters, 45 votes, 392 subscribers, 22540 views, 373 comments
Status Completed

A new story starring my fave OTP MarkJin...I jus

Breakup Formula

By Snorkath Updated
With 4 chapters, 12 votes, 124 subscribers, 1210 views, 16 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only



By kkeumgi Updated
Characters Byun Baekhyun, Park Chanyeol, Kim Jongin, Do Kyungsoo and others
With 34 chapters, 161 votes, 1704 subscribers, 44320 views, 581 comments
Status Completed

Baekhyun desperately needs a job. So when a mysterious manager of a huge company offers him one he does not hesitate. Even if the job comes with a strange deal.          Characters

Experiment 11

By Calliope11 Updated
Characters Jordan Chang (OC), Chen (Kim JongDae), EXO, BTS, BigBang, Amber, Ailee
With 22 chapters, 102 votes, 448 subscribers, 176 comments

Tensions between Humans and Variants have never been higher.  Jordan Chang finds herself forced into an experiment, tasked with the mission of developing civil relations with the feral werewolf “Chen.” Will she complete her mission? Can she keep herself alive?

Take Me Home

By puddlesofme Updated
Characters Kim Taehyung, Jeon Jeongguk
With 1 chapters, 37 votes, 114 subscribers, 4210 views, 19 comments
Status Completed

“it’s the middle of the night and i’m walking home alone in the dark and there’s this guy following me and he’s starting to gain on me and i found this phone booth with a lock on the door and i tried to call my best friend but my hands were shaking so badly i accidentally dialed the wrong number and i don’t even know you but h

She Knew

By Yinfany Updated
Characters Irene, Seulgi, Seulrene, Red Velvet
With 23 chapters, 107 votes, 558 subscribers, 19260 views, 285 comments
Status Completed

The fear and trepidation of two girls in an ambiguous relationship; one overly afraid of discrimination and forsaked the other who chose to compromise repeatedly because she didn't want them to end up as nothing. Nevertheless, there is always a limit as of how much one can withstand.  ***    

Involved With the Mafia

By dnotelover Updated
Characters Taehyung Jungkook Namjoon Jimin Yoongi Jin J-hope Minjae and other characters
With 13 chapters, 15 votes, 910 subscribers, 12080 views, 85 comments

Kim Taehyung, a young 21 year old man is being chased by debt collectors. His father ran away after leaving all the debt to his son. And the collectors stop at nothing, but what if the leader takes an interest in Taehyung. Soon the mafia are involved, and so is the King of them all, Jeon Jungkook.

MiMo Oneshot Collection

By peachypingu Updated
With 16 chapters, 21 votes, 295 subscribers, 9130 views, 49 comments

Just another one-shot collection series.

In Another Life (Descendants Of The Sun)

By michminorities Updated
Characters Yoo Si Jin, Kang Mo Yeon
With 18 chapters, 22 votes, 500 subscribers, 15940 views, 469 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Their paths have crossed long before it has crossed again; many years before their love was rekindled, fate played to make their first meeting a tragedy.   A multi-chapter, Joseon-themed fic between YSJ and KMY

21st Century Roleplay; NON AU - NEW, ACTIVE & CRAZY!!! Come join us Twenty-first century hype squads!! WE need more active people to join cray cray with! Urgently need Day6 Dowoon and GOT7 member's!!

By Kazura Updated
Characters YOU, YOU, YOU AND YOU as your favorite K-pop Idols, actors, rappers, models, ulzzangs and international artists
With 8 chapters, 18 votes, 68 subscribers, 1910 views, 79 comments
Status Completed

the tips of your fingers shake, yet your heart keeps steady

By pikasquad Updated
Tags 2min
With 1 chapters, 2 votes, 38 subscribers, 340 views, 1 comments
Status Completed

in which everything is all too much and too little at the same time. (aka in which taemin is incredibly uncertain and minho lays next to him with a can of whipped cream and left over halloween candy)

Parallel Roads (Meet Sometimes)

By WoodlandSparrow Updated
Characters baekhyun, chanyeol, kyungsoo, kai, etc
With 2 chapters, 29 votes, 673 subscribers, 4220 views, 42 comments

Baekhyun wants to be a singer, like his idol, Chanyeol, who happens to be hating life at the moment. Perhaps meeting would be beneficial for both.

Pick Your Poison

By -roselynn- Updated
Characters Cirrus [OC], Baekhyun, EXO [OT12]
With 8 chapters, 11 votes, 72 subscribers, 1070 views, 66 comments

  She might as well have been a bird with broken wings. To Cirrus, “Princess” was merely a title ed upon her. Living in the shadows of her brother, she would never have the crown but is expected to suffer like someone who will all the same.

The Lucky Ones

By BlackAshes Updated
Characters EXO Mama
With 1 votes, 90 subscribers, 450 views, 3 comments

  You can call me monster.


By ohmyitsthem Updated
With 2 chapters, 34 votes, 226 subscribers, 1770 views, 47 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Parallels were never meant to intersect. 


By lyre27 Updated
Characters yonghwa seohyun euna
With 5 chapters, 12 votes, 366 subscribers, 2990 views, 66 comments
Status Subscribers Only

  "Fate seems to be taking me in some even stranger directions."

What's My Name?

By Kuud3r3Baka Updated
Characters Taeyong & Ten // NCT
With 1 chapters, 3 votes, 15 subscribers, 300 views, 5 comments
Status Completed

Taeyong secretly loved when Ten would smile at him and say, "What's my name?", but he would never admit that to the latter any time soon.