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Aban17 () says:
Oh, the meaning behind his MV was so cool. Really, GD is an artist. He express his self so much in his songs. I respect him more and more. Such a humble and great person.
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OhItsYing () says:
I knew it.
The moment I watched the MV I knew it had some deep meaning to it.
I even asked my teacher what coup d'état meant.
I'm like drowning in the deep ness rn.

mekachiri () says:
Whoever did the analyzing is sooooo genius.
I really do love the meaning of the MV.
But the only part that make me more focus is the reason of his 3rd death.
@joweleg - can we spazz together?kkkk.
This album of his is soooooo full of his MUSE.
And WE APPLERS know who is his TRUE MUSE.kkkk
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joweleg () says:
Unnie thank you


for sharing this impormation
if not from you i wouldnt understand
ill be simply loving the music
i know its not you who made the analysis but bcoz you shared it to us who has no means of finding out
its a great big help.

and now i must
free my delu self its screaming and im sorry
but OMG my mind screamin Dara
on the part where GD is sacrificing for this girl who he cant be together





but hey thanks again!!!!
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