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Hello~~! ^^ ELF yesterday came out the Video "I Wanna Dance" of EunHyuk and DongHae short Version, Oh my God this Super amazing! O.O I was excited to see the PV~♥ *dies* XD! And guys are saying? :3


OMG~ DONGHAE!~~~ *-*



EunHyuk~~~!!! *¬* (My Baby XD) 




Handsome! ^^



I Loved~~!! ^O^





I love this part! XD!! ^^



Link ------>   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gaT8j1yIbCg



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Fanykuroi #1
WaaaaaaAaaaA hruisbxgndis she gem How I loved this video! I actually liked more than opa opa and that, my friends, I really loved. <3.<3
AddMagicWithSprinkle #2
My freaking god I love this video so much~
Can't wait for the full audio and the music video to come out soon~
fazlyn_n #3
I seriously love it. And it makes me wanna dance...LOL

Though at first I find OppaOppa is catchier and funkier~
This slowly become addicting *_*
neda_921117 #4
it was the best video i've ever seen, their dance and fight were so funny i liked it so much
Huangdala #5
I watched it yesterday and I was melting in front of it... XD It's soooo good. Hahaha I really love it.
FishyPali #6
wushkjahd it was perfect!!, the dance, the hips thrusts omg aksjdkajd I can't stop watching it!
primsat21 #7
Hahaha Hae slapped Hyukjae again :D
EunHaeLove42 #8
OMG This video is so good.Hyukjae look so handsome, and Hae is so cute!!