Chicser fan insulted SHINee!!!!!

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Okay First off all Chicser is a boy group that was formed in the Philippines just in case some of you guys dont know about it.

Translation of the post :

"For those who are comparing Chicser and SHINee... WOW! Why did you guys think of comparing a Kpop group to them, SHINee are dancers too but they sing in korean songs but CHICSER are dancers too but they have members who knows how to sing...AND if you were to talk about the looks then I go for CHICSER because they dont fix their faces because they're already good looking why would they need to fix their face is theyre already good looking?? meanwhile SHINEE fixes their face when they hav an ugly part on their face. Im just saying the truth...

-You guys started this, when you really start this war then CHICSERIFIC will fight back.

dont be angry at me kpop fans, im just fighting for CHICSER and i am a kpop fans too its just you guys started this."


So when I saw this of course I got annoyed because Im a shawol. But please, in all due respect, Chicser is only famous in the philippines and good for them! But SHINee is much bigger idol than them. I am a kind of a fan of chicser and I think theyre really cute but lets say the truth, SHINee is way beyond good looking, and this "they have members who knows how to sing" thing, does this mean SHINee cant sing? If they cant then they wont even be famous! And about the fixing their faces part, not all idols fix their faces, no one really knows that unless youre a hardcore stalker and if they do its their business, they can do whatever they want, and if youre really a kpop fan, you wont even say these stuff -_- im done ranting. So what do you shawols think of this? :/


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SeoHeeWan () says:
Nakakahiya mPinoy maging pinoy pag ganito -_-

VanessaFebeCute () says:
pftt now chicser fan insulting exo. They said exo are talentless and gay. wtf

veronicajade18 () says:
I'm a filipino...... and I'm sooooooo embarrassed right now. for those Shawols who are reading this, I'm sorry that you have to see this. seriously i apologise, I like Kpop as much as every group in the world who has the heart to sign their songs.... but this is too much.

personally I am also angry of the one who posted that, cause she/he said so many harsh things... she.....ugh.. I'm saying sorry on behalf of my country, because of this things Kpop fans hated Filipinos..
but i can say that not all of us are like that... I'm really disappointed -__-

hi_im_olaf () says:
I think that Chicser only wants to get attention for this so they become more popular, piece of , I hate them already-__-"

silvermist-ique () says:


sunny234 () says:

Cassia2001 () says:
I hate Chicser.

natsu313 () says:
Whaaaaat? SHINee is waaaay better than Chicser in my opinion... I mean, do you know how hard it is to sing and hit high notes while DANCING?? I don't think Chicser can do that... But SHINee can do it FLAWLESSLY.


Cocoanut () says:
Chicser fans are saying "plastic" "ugly" "not natural" blah blah. Who da fuq cares? It is their own personal life. And besides, it is obvious they are fans because of their looks. Looks>personality, talent. I don't even find them attractive.
I love shinee its because they are multi-talented. Can Chicser sing live while dancing? Do they win awards or gain recognition for their talent? No. They can't even sing properly. Lol, reffering to their cover of SJ's Sorry Sorry. They are singing in English, but wtf, I don't understand anything. Nagpakipot lang sila sa harap ng kamera.
And besides, Kpop has many fans from different groups and when combined, boom! Malaking malaki na siya. It's like a battle between China and small barangay.
I just want them to have respect and we, phil kpop fans need to be mature enough. We handle many fanwars ganyan ganyan kaya alam dapat natin ang ating ginagawa. Nagbibigay lang tayo ng masamang pangalan sa kpop. :)

shimshimchorva () says:
Okay. I'm a Filipino and I know that this is an international forum so I want to say sorry to every fans who was offended by her post. [I'm a BIG KPOP FAN] so I was really pissed off that she had the guts to post something like that. Srsly, I don't even know how Chicser become famous in our country. All I know is that they have more haters than fans. They [Chicser fans or Chicserifics or whtevr you call them. I couldn't care less.] should know that Chicser doesn't stand a chance to ANY KPOP artists. :)If they want respect, they should know how to shut their mouths because KPOP fandoms are strong, big and won't let ANYONE bash KPOP. Again, as a Filipino, I would like to say sorry. Oh, and one more thing: She should double check her posts for wrong grammars etc. It's really a shame that she posted in TagLish (Tagalog-English)and yet, its.. UGH.

emanlulu () says:
These guys messed with the wrong fandom! you guys are copy cats! they have no right to copy EXO! they are not one! but EXO IS ONE! Gaining fame by copying EXO was your worst decision! sure you gained fame! but you see, it's not that POSITIVE! I bet you guys are now digging your own graves! WE EXOTICS WILL HAUNT YOU FOREVER SUCKERS!

leeunri () says:
i am a really pissed like kpop has originality while chicser has copy paste i am a filipino but why does chicser have to that i mean they are nothing like them saying they are not great singers why are millions of girls screaming and fangirling and copying EXO by "we are one" THEY ARE NOTHING BUT GOOD FOR NOTHING COPYCATS!!!!!! so what if they have to undergo surgery its to make them more handsome (sorry to my fellow filipinos )

JinwoonlovesSHINee () says:
I seriously don't understand why she has to insult other K-pop bands, and say mean stuff to the others. Nobody actually cares if she likes Chicser. Honestly I do not want to say this, but SHINee is MUCH MORE BETTER LOOKING than Chicser. Also, Chicser copied EXO by saying 'WE ARE ONE", and people started insulting them because of this. Chicser was wrong as they copied EXO, and seriously, they want to gain fame, but they landed themselves in more trouble. To the girl who insulted SHINee, Chicser landed themselves in this so-called war, so just go away and listen to your Chicser's songs.

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