Emma Watson tweets about Taemin.

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Lol.. Emma Watson tweeted about Taemin and deleted her tweet. 'Is that a girl or boy who's even prettier than me?' Oh god Taemin.. Your crush is calling you a girl.. But Taemin has lost interest in her a long time ago right? XD

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ScrappyCoco () says:
is this true?

Onew_Princy () says:
Wowww... he is so pretty than Emma? yes he is.

Jannicavilla () says:
Whoaa~ super late emma... And poor taeminnie~ your ultimate crush mistaken u as a girl... Hahaha...xD

monixx () says:
wahhh..i bet taemin was happy when he found out about this..=)

natsuella () says:
Super duper late Emma. Tisk tisk. Now he's moved on to her friend anyway. lol

ilovecandie () says:
She seeing a bunch of comments saying That's a boy and he has a huge crush on you!! He's had it for year.

chinitagirl () says:
oh yes Emma, taemin is really prettier than you, but anyways i love them both !

goneeeeeeeeeeeeeeee () says:
I'm crying. My feels.
But I like dem both. c:

ShowolELF97 () says:
Sorry Emma your a little too late...

AsdfghjklkjhgfdsA () says:
AHAAHHAHAHAHA Taemin is indeed prettier than Emma XD

Iamnotamazed () says:
omfG. that was too long ago ;~; ugh emma you knew the right person in the wrong time.

kpoppandaontherun () says:
She's too late.... But it's okay! ^^

ilovejinki-yah () says:
Hahahaha :D Taeminiieee~~

if she didn't delete the tweet, she would hv like millions of retweets! then her next tweet would be for Luhan :D

XiuXiu26 () says:
LOLOL LR Emma Hahaha XD

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