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Chapter 7: the sad reality of a fan.. T-T
kyungsoo-akira #2
Chapter 6: You're just a FAN T____T
nadiara #3
Chapter 4: I hate you author-nim. You make me smile, happy, feel like I'm flying to heaven, but in the end you make me saaaaaaaad!!!! I know I'm just a mere fans that could only admire kyungsoo from afar (from monitor screen to be exact) but this story wakes me up to realize that I live in real life where exo is hard to reach. How big is my chance to meet kyungsoo??? /cries an ocean
I dont actually hate you author-nim, I love you. Thanks for making this story <3
hehehhe... ><
Soso_56 #5
Chapter 6: I understand you. Thank you the last chapter was awesome. Keep up the good work. <3
Chapter 6: LOL........I Can't imagine that.....
[deactivated] #8
Chapter 5: I recommend you continue this story 'coz I think it will turn out well.
Chapter 5: Yes.. You should continue this story author nim!!
Exo_nsbz #10
Chapter 4: It's really broke my heart... But wait, exo_nsbz?? That's me... Hehehehe... Am I your actor?? Hahaha... Just kidding... By the way, I'm enjoying your stories so it eventhough the ending makes my heart breaking into pieces... I enjoy it so much... xoxo...
Chapter 4: Poignant but it's a very nice story anyway. . . :c
Soso_56 #12
Chapter 4: Story's* >\\<
Soso_56 #13
Chapter 4: Even thought its sad but it's really really nice. I like it. Keep up with good stores!!!
Chapter 4: I actually want to say "author nim.. why are you so mean?" but it's ok.. soometimes we need to know that we live in a world tha's rare to have a happy ending.. :)
aindyo #15
Chapter 4: I actualy cry.this is realy broke my heart but it okay im just his fans anyway.that the right reasons.oemji stop crying.