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Chapter 46: bye bye~ I love this shop so much /cries a Han river
Chapter 46: farewell TT^TT
(im kinda interested but idk xD)
Can we be affiliates?

Somnium Review Shop

I would be glad if you accepted. :)
MindragonFan #5
Chapter 44: Holy sheit, the x-men trailer is amazing!! Teach me your ways, sensei. *bows to your awesomeness*
Chapter 3: When will you be open again?
Chapter 3: Is my dp that I requested last time included as one time that I requested?
Chapter 42: Reviewer 1: Well.. i meant that love isnt easy. especially if it was ur own dad. and to make it all for worse, he died. and ur pregnant when ur suppose to. sorry if i was not being expressive lol. ^^' Thank you. Haha thanks. I was wondering about that. XD Really? Its my third story.. so.. kinda nervous if i still make mistakes. :3 well.. i dont exactly love m-preg.. but yeah. lol Thanks you. :) Its ok. Thanks for the time. <3

Reviewer 2: I know. I'm sorry.. ;_; lol jk. I did the title first then the story. I guess it was a mistake lol. I dunno what to put.. T^T my wrong. i should've put kris as a slight appearance. Yeah. I'm from malaysia. But i'm always on top in my class when it comes to english though. ^^ And okie. Hmm.. ok. Thanks. I was thinking that. But dang, i use it to much. Thanks for the time~ <3
Chapter 39: Whoops~ i think you forgot something. can i ask for a redo?
Chapter 39: At last~ I'm shoo happy~ Thank you!
[deactivated] #11
Chapter 24: Nice trailer XD
Chapter 37: I like it :) I'll get in put in the story with credit tomorrow~ gomawo
toukyo #13
Why are you gonna close
I really like ur graphics
BBVIPBaby #14
Chapter 36: Oh my god! It's so pretty, I cried!!! Thank you so much!~
Picked up! ^^
Chapter 34: Thank you very much twinkle!! I love it so much!
KirbylovesToto #18
thanks for the review :)
Chapter 34: I'm still waiting patiently. ^0^
requested! ^^
farabigail #21
can i request trailer or poster? but i'm not writing.. i'll upload it on tumblr and youtube.. but i'll absolutely give your credit(?) but.. can i?
requested! :D
KirbylovesToto #23
requested :)
Chapter 32: I love it! Thanks very much :)
[deactivated] #25
Chapter 31: This is awesome! Thanks! ^^
Requested ^^
Chapter 27: Woooowwww this one is awesome! Thumbs up! This shop is really good, gonna request here sometimes ^^
Chapter 30: I don't mind, It's pretty! ^^ <3
QueenofKpop #29
Do you guys do teasers for apply fanfics?
Chapter 27: Can I just ask where you got the first Infinite clips from?
Chapter 29: also, I just noticed how Sooyoung is looking toward Kris. nice touch
Chapter 29: no I like the brightness, I think it reflects the mood of the story well. sorry that I probably gave you low quality images. I wasn't sure what constituted HD..
Chapter 29: yay!! thank you Luhansperf! how do I properly credit you?? I have never gotten graphics before.
Chapter 27: holy shisus this is amazing XD
It's fine whoever makes it lol I can understand if someone can't do something *grins*
I really appreciate it
*goes to paste and give credit*
Hanbyul07 #35
Chapter 18: Thank you for the beautiful poster...I surely will credit you author-nim...
Chapter 26: Btw, i cant change the 'gege' part. since they are both chinese. yes. they also have a korean (father or mother?) i forgot. otl..
but they're used to this kind of stuff. and.. tao is not using it for aegyo. ^^'
Chapter 26: Its not harsh. dont worry. I know it . ^^
it was my first story and i knew it has a lot, LIKE A LOT of mistakes. and i know its short and some of the stuff in the story, i used wrongly. I'm just grateful that u guys are giving honest opinions. :) and GO TAORIS! lol well, thanks a lot guys! <3
will credit later.
Chapter 2: dear luhansperf, please cancel the order for me for My Destiny. I am not getting another poster or anything; that one is just on such a long hiatus that I don't want you to work for nothing. I am working actively on writing Artist in Spring so I still want that one and will use it. thank you (:
Chapter 24: ☆ †h♌nk γ☺u ☆‎​ for the dp it looks S̤̈ơ awesome^^