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KailoverforeverEXO #1
Chapter 9: poor yoona T^T T^T T^T
-fumieSusada #2
Chapter 9: il jun
thats the spirit. yo!
Chapter 9: gzzzzzz.
napeun namja!
update authornimmm
seluglitter #4
Chapter 9: keep on writing, love it! ;)
thuydungphan #5
hey sorry, im new here so is this a book or a movie?? because i am looking for it all over! Please help
Chapter 9: A really great update !! But i pity Yoona , she doesn`t deserve this kind of love . Please update soon more ^^ I`ll be waiting *keke*
-fumieSusada #7
Chapter 8: i love yunho character
he reminds me of someone
anyway update fast, authorsi
KailoverforeverEXO #8
Chapter 8: nice >.<
luv it
-fumieSusada #9
Chapter 4: just read until chapter 4
i will read it by tomorrow
anyway interesting plot
Chapter 8: aigoo!!! update soon please....
it's getting really interesting...
Chapter 8: gosh!!the scene between iljun and sang joong was holy ____!!!!
Chapter 8: chinca daebak-iya!it was aah-mae-zing.update fast,authorshiiii!
Chapter 8: woooooww!!update soon!!XD
[deactivated] #14
Chapter 7: Chinggoo u need an update soon... Hahaha..
Chapter 7: this story is killing me.authorshi!fighting!
Chapter 7: Woot2. Hwaiting for another updates! :D
Chapter 7: han suk kyu?was he the man who acted as Cheona?aigoo.what will happen next!r il jun and sang joong trying to plan something?it makes me curious.update!update!
Chapter 7: Update soon.I can't wait!!
Chapter 6: upload soon please!!!!!!!
Chapter 6: Hi Author! Your story is really interesting even if I personally don`t like the way of thinking Kim Il Jun has ! Yoona don`t deserve this way of love so I hope he change !!
Please update soon:D^^;)
Chapter 6: I also feel the same.But i symphatize il jun as well, authornim.he grew up in such a bad life! [email protected] jun,,,,FIGHTING!! X(
Chapter 6: Gosh!!I really hope Il jun will not do something stupid to this "happy" family!!
Chapter 6: why do u have to sorry 'bout the long chapter? people love long chapter, as long as they have the points inside. :D
Chapter 6: can't wait to know what happen next!i pity them.the father of city hunter now playing with emotional?it looks funny,yet so,all her family go through painful love stories. her mother,father,brother and she of course.such an unlucky family.anyway,update soon!
[deactivated] #25
Chapter 6: OMG.. Accept. Sighhhh,
just accept il jun in yunho's way...
Chapter 5: I know that song! kekeke! update update author-shhi.
Chapter 5: I feel pity towards this family.poor them.anyway,update,update!
Chapter 5: WTF!??I feel like want to kick his . poor Yoona :'-(
[deactivated] #29
Chapter 5: Double update?? Seems like someone hv prepared some stocks about this story... Kekeke
Oh my... That sweet mouth of him.. Ckckck really sweet and sticky as caramel. Yoona gonna stick to him hard now..
Thx for updating
Chapter 5: wootwoot!! wahh.. u only updated until chapter 5, yet u have so many readers.. jeez.. congrats :D
[deactivated] #31
Chapter 4: Nah... Revealed.. Actually i already have the thought that jang geun suk aka il jun had something fishy to yoona. As a man and the cold one also, how can he easily just take the phone from yoona execpt he is expecting more. Ckckckck, what a han namja.. Bad han namja..
Yoona's dad somehow maybe will accept this Yoona's han namja
Anyway update soon author-ssi
Chapter 4: yeay!they finally dating.but,i believe,yoona's father will refuse him,right?anyway,update soon!
Chapter 4: ppalli update authornim!!!! i can't wait!
[deactivated] #34
Author- ssi why not just use the real name??
Chapter 4: they married? update!! update !!!
Chapter 4: fast update eh?
Chapter 3: <3 jks <3
update soon!
Chapter 3: hahahaha!! you better update everyday!! u said u already have the plot chapter by chapter.. :D
Chapter 3: its thrillig (grrrr) update !! update !!
Chapter 3: new readers here author-nim!!! update soon! i can't wait to know. When will Il jun in love with Yoona! KEEP UPDATING and FIGHTING!