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Chapter 68: Awwwweeee~~~ you don't know how many times I giggled, laughed, and almost cried because of this. Thank you for the very nice ending. Cheers! :)
Chapter 20: This girl is too stubborn....I'm irritated
Chapter 68: Please have a sequel~~~~
[deactivated] #4
omoooo i love it
please come back author-nim! T-T
hayaz3 #6
Chapter 2: Question:

Are they supposed to be in high school or university?
I mean it says that they were in front of SM university and the father said they are in university in the prev chapter, but the setting sounds a lot like a high school...

I know this is a technical question, but i just wanna the correct setting to imgaine the scenes of the story better. Regardless, I think the story is amazing, and this is actually my second time reading it. I love it!
taetae29 #7
Chapter 68: AWEEEEEE my heart ♡ was so sHOOk from reading this, soooo many feels tho, and whenever the topic of taemin and hus ability pops up I think of the old disney channel show,"That's so Raven" anyone else? XD
Chapter 68: awwwww this was such a well-written story, i love it!
kiromix #9
This looks interesting~~
lovelyzkiss #11
your stories have always been amazing tbh
103 streak #12
Chapter 13: Haha taemins perfect way to ruin the moment. I had a feeling he was going to do that
I just love it~ >w<
apcv_123 #14
Love this story
Chapter 68: thank you thank you for sharing this wonderful story
Tiffykwiffy #16
Chapter 52: Jooyeon and sunmi are idiots. They are way too innocent and don't think about their actions. And it seems like they're ' falling in love' because of superficial reasons, at least in the beginning.

Even so, this is a beautifully wtiteen story!! Kudos to you, Goddess . Enjoying it so far!
Chapter 25: *sarcasm* yippeee both juyeon and sunmi are idiots, yipeeee
i really dont like the two of them... Taemin deserves someone better...
seohyun3007 #18
Chapter 5: Hi Goddess!! I'm loving this story but I realize there's a minor mistake. At the part where Jooyeon was conversing with Himchan, "done you dare tell anyone" you have a typo. No trying yo make you piss or anything, I'm really LOVING. all your stories! other than that I can't wait to finish this story!!
an_cha #19
Chapter 68: ahhh i can't believe i just found this~ but wow thank you for this story!!
lolwhat84223343q3 #21
cool story
easilyperwinkle #22
This shot has navigated right into my heart.
Taemin-ah~! ^^
This is my first time reading a SHINee fanfiction, but I saw who the writer is and I was amazed by the foreword so... I'll be reading this too~! ^^
i absolutely love this story~ authornim you are very talented
Chapter 68: Hiiii.. uuhmm i really like this story.
This is the First time i read taemin fic since iam not his bias. But 2 weeks ago, i fell for him bcs he came to my*

And these fic makes me fell harder than i though xD

Thank you for writing such a good story! I will read your others shinee fic^^
Chapter 68: this is so sweeeet~~ And I love how Kai basically always ends up with Minhee is most of your fics. Lol and I totally got the Han Eunbyul Byun Baekhyun reference in the history lesson
Chapter 68: it's the first good shinee fic i've read and i love it XD
mamamie #29
This is great! ^^
mamamie #30
This is great! ^^
mamamie #31
This is great! ^^
mamamie #32
Chapter 68: Kyaahh!! It was so cute and sweet ..This is the most awesome Taemin's fic that I've read >< At first I feel that this story will be the boring one..I'm sorry but it' the truth .. but now I'm completely in heaven!! Taemin are so gentle,cute and sweet . I gotta check your other fics^^ 1000000 stars + upvote for this amazing fic ^^ Thanks for wrote and completed this story ! Love you!

btw I love Taemin and Jooyeon couple >< They're the cutest couple of the century . No doubt
Ze_Lay #34
Chapter 21: im crying this fic is too cute omg taemin taemin taemin taEMINNNNNNNNNNNN
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Chapter 68: OMG baekhyun was sooo cute like how he always gave up when he saw the couples do PDA and have no interest at all in love life, and how he'll nag d.o everytime d.o just too obsessed with chocopie, jongkey with their yeobo thingy, onew with his chicken, minho with his spirit when it came to sport LOL they're all just too funny.

Not to forget TAEMIN JOOYEON COUPLE!!!! Although i can't stand with jooyeon stupidness at first but taemin was so gentle. This story ia totally worth of my time. Two thumbs up for you authornim!!! Keep writing and good luck~♥
Chapter 16: Jooyeon is too naive omggg
Ririisfree #38
Chapter 19: OMG Jooyeon is so frustrating and dumb !! But enjoying this story anyways :)
Diyaenra_18 #39
Chapter 68: Awwwwwww this is just soo sweet,i miss the banana milk,thank you for creating a beautiful story authornim^^
Diyaenra_18 #40
Chapter 68: Awwwwwww this is just soo sweet,i miss banana milk,thank you for creating a beautiful story authornim^^