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Chapter 44: Hahaha so what now? Tae will live in her future or she’ll go back to her present time once she’s conscious? I wish there will be more TaeNy before Tae go back to her present time. Stop being lazy and write the part 2, nerdie-ssi!!
Chapter 44: This is so good...can't wait for next chapter hahahaha
kim0000 #3
Chapter 44: This one is really great, I love the ending
Chapter 19: I wish there is a sequel for pink carnation.... I want them together
Chapter 44: For the first few paragraphs there, I can totally relate to Taeyeon's character in this shot. You described it really perfectly, thank you for the great chapter
Chapter 44: Wahhhhhhh you’re backkkk
totoro1109 #7
Chapter 44: Cant wait cant waittttt!! I want to know every detail on how the met and stuff.
kimtaeny1110 #8
Chapter 44: Hahaha..., and here i thought it will be completely angst at first. With all the suicide attempt. Cant wait for taeyeon to experience her future kekeke
sweet_taeny #9
Chapter 44: Update soon....can't wait
criss09 #10
Chapter 44: This is great.. cant wait for the next part XD
Chapter 44: Lol this is so cool.
Chapter 44: This is a bomb chapter no lie
Tytiff #13
Chapter 44: Ahaha wow.. this is interesting...
Chapter 44: hahaha...i love diff and fun to read..wait for part 2
Chapter 44: Dang this one is so realistic author baby you better make a sequel
Bumella 18 streak #16
Aigooo hahaha vthat was so funny
186 streak #17
Chapter 44: Oh man. This one would be another ride for sure. Good thing there's the old man in there. I got to have a warning before the roller coaster starts ^^
taeny_bear #18
Chapter 42: Aww this is cute

I'll just assume that their note will be
"morning! I love you and kindly please wash your dishes!"
Ramyeon_ramyeon #19
Chapter 44: Update pleaaaase. I want it soon but take your time authornim.
Sonetic #20
Chapter 17: You’ poetic and full of wisdom,aren’t you? Each shot is unique , thru some shot i feel so heavy...a lot of feels, while some are so light hearted! I love them all, thank you, autho-ssi
Chapter 43: Reading this before starting my day wasn't the brightest decision I've ever made... and I kinda had the feeling that it was Sunny's. Thank you though, for shedding light on something that's so dark people don't even want to try to see...
M_Maxx #22
Chapter 43: What? Just happened? This story really plot twist. I really thought it was taeyeon doesnt know it was sunny damn
186 streak #23
Chapter 43: Oh my God this is.... *just shakes head in the corner*
Man, i knew it was gonna end up like that the moment she almost choked on her drink. It's those that seem always happy :( I feel bad for the both of them.
What got to me was that black diary. I also have a black diary which is also unsigned. I had to stop reading to take a breath for a sec. By the way, you're an awesome writer ^^
KimiTippa #24
Chapter 43: Wow it hit me hard... I was to
Engrosssed into assuming like Tiff that it could be Tae and I missed out the facade sunny made. Time to wake up and be aware of others ???
Chapter 43: it make me remember jonghyun ???
keyyyme1631 #26
Chapter 43: i knew it...
Chapter 43: I knew's sometimes the person who appears to be happy, but isn't
Chapter 43: I was sure that it’s was sunny the all time because I don’t know but I feel that people who always happy and smiley are the most people who have troubles but they’re good at covering it with their smile that why we should not take them for granted just because they don’t show us their feelings and we should ask people around us if they’re okay and if they need to talk about anything even if there’s no reason for us to ask them that because we don’t know maybe they really need someone to talk to but they afraid to open up
bagong #29
Chapter 43: I have been there before but I'm okay now. At least much better than years ago.
Chapter 43: Dame did that hit me like a truck .
sclocksmith #31
Chapter 43: Are you okay author-nim? I hope you're okay.
arshed18 1 points #32
Chapter 43: Hit my hard and it made me think of junghyun i mean at some point of his life that's what he felt for

everyone who read this PLEASE don't do it its get better in the end and if it's not then its not the end stay strong
Yay. New story
Chapter 43: That was a total twist that I kinda saw but was still surprised about in the end
criss09 #35
Chapter 43: It's nearing the end when i thought that it was sunny and not taeyeon. And i was right. I dont know what it feels like being depressed and i hope it wont happen to me in the future...
I hope ur also okay authornim... :))
Chapter 43: Wow. The plot twist. Hands down to you author-nim ?
Chapter 43: Good job, Mi. Another great story of yours with great message for the reader. You know i’m not really a fan of angst but this one, i like It. It’s nicely written.
Congratulations on getting featured!
Chapter 42: This is so good ! I really enjoyed it thank you