Quitting You

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Donghae is addicted. He's been living a sheltered life, gearing himeslf to be the perfect son his father wants him to be. He has done all the steps right, until one day one of his friends invited him to visit a forbidden place. There he meets Eunhyuk, who completely changes his world.

At first, it's not love. It's just the thrill of being a rebel. But then things change. Then he realizes that every second he spends with him, he falls a little bit more in love. He tries to break away, but life isn't that simple.

Addiction isn't that simple. He keeps going back, and back, until one day, the world comes crashing down and the choice becomes


or lose everything


Amazing poster by MusicChibi at the Ahjusshi and Chicken Shop ♥


Thank you to LadyVamp and her Madame Hee Hee series for inspiring this. 


Addiction - physical and psychological dependence on a substance

Eunhyuk - toxic substance

Donghae - addicted 


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nani_jaja #1
Chapter 20: It just got interesting!!!! Why.....×∆×
iris_yk #2
Chapter 20: This story is too good with so much potential...something this good deserve continuation & proper ending...don't u think so authornim?... : )...I sincerely hope that u will continue this...fighting...♡♥♡♥
allrisselickeunhae #3
Chapter 20: WHY DONT YOU UPDATE LIKE IT JUST IN AGES AND IM MISSING THIS SFM ASDFGHJKL i feel like eating someone right now, i have read this twice and come back again to check the author has update or not but well Unlucky me:(
Im not gonna blame donghae, neither eunhyuk or yoona. I hope yoona will cancel the wedding and leave eunhae behind:)

I'll be the happiest person in earth if you keep this up!!!!

NikaTheNeko #4
Chapter 20: I hope you will update soon :D I love this fic and waiting :D
Fighting! :D
BubbleTrouble #5
Chapter 20: what what happen???
purpleside #6
Chapter 20: woow... yoona know... will she cancel the wedding...???
barani #7
Chapter 20: Thank you very much for your update^^
I hope you update soon
barani #8
Chapter 20: Thank you very much for your update^^
I hope you update soon
Broken_Angel #9
Chapter 20: Now Yoona knows... I hope she won't do smth bad.
I think Donghae should decide who he wants to keep. If it continues like this all of them will get hurt even more :(
Thanks for updating :D
Pikachau #10
Oh my god, this was amazing! Wish there was more though!