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Please Verify Your Age [M]

Trigger Warning
by purplekpop
270 subscribers | 6896 views | Updated | Created
Tags   donghae   eunhae   eunhyuk   superjunior   | Report Content | A A A A

Please Verify Your Age - main story image


Donghae, Eunhyuk


Donghae is addicted. He's been living a sheltered life, gearing himeslf to be the perfect son his father wants him to be. He has done all the steps right, until one day one of his friends invited him to visit a forbidden place. There he meets Eunhyuk, who completely changes his world.

At first, it's not love. It's just the thrill of being a rebel. But then things change. Then he realizes that every second he spends with him, he falls a little bit more in love. He tries to break away, but life isn't that simple.

Addiction isn't that simple. He keeps going back, and back, until one day, the world comes crashing down and the choice becomes


or lose everything


Amazing poster by MusicChibi at the Ahjusshi and Chicken Shop ♥


Thank you to LadyVamp and her Madame Hee Hee series for inspiring this. 


Addiction - physical and psychological dependence on a substance

Eunhyuk - toxic substance

Donghae - addicted 

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subicbay () says:
Hello, new reader. Poor Eunhae. I hope that everything will work out for them. I cant wait to read the next chapter.

BubbleTrouble () says about chapter 19:
this is so much pain.. T.T
when I read this story I cannot even imagine about the end of story
I'll al hope it will be happy ending story..
ways support you authornim don't be so cruel to hyukjae ;)

brattygurl () says about chapter 19:
Oh Hyuk don't react to quickly without knowing the whole truth. Hae didn't take out Yoona because he's interested in her but Hyuk saw how close they were and immediately felt jealous and betrayed. I guess I can't blame Hyuk for feeling that way, but he shouldn't overreact and take on more appointments! How is hurting yourself going to help your situation - it won't. I wonder if Hae will go over to Hyuk's place to try to explain.

TheNarratress () says about chapter 19:
This is such a disaster!!!
Why do they have to go to the same restaurant at the same time?
Hyukkie missunderstood the whole situation. Hae isn't with Yoona because he loves her. He loves him!!! Why can't he trust Hae's words? *sobs*

I really hope, that Hyukkie won't do anything stupid because of this. They need to talk. Urgendly!!!!!

ThanKYU for writing and uploading. Please update soon~ <3

ImmaKpopFreak () says about chapter 19:
Why Donghae? Why would you do that? Especially in front of Hyukjae!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aegyoo, My poor Hyukjae ;___; Ottekke?
Damn you stupid Fish! I hope you drown into a sea of sharks!
Please Don't give your body to them Hyukkie! Your so beautiful that I can't bother anyone else touching you!
Thank you so much for the update Author-nim (^_^)
Please Update Soon~~~ :) :D

Eunriehyun () says about chapter 19:
Ash, hyuk don't suffer T.T if you wish to forget then do something else don't bring painto your bebeautiful body. Is hae liking his fiance.?
Thanks for the chapter!
Please update soon.

TheNarratress () says about chapter 18:
I’m glad that Yoona is so understanding. I just hope that she won’t fall for him because of the whole marriage thing. Hae belongs to Hyukkie!!!
It’s so sad that EunHae can’t officially be together because of Hae’s parents and the company. It’s a cruel cruel world T.T

ThanKYU for uploading. Please update soon~<3

saymyname () says about chapter 18:
Argh it will be good if Donghae and Yoona meet Hyukjae and clears up the fact that Yoona is willing to give up D:

brattygurl () says about chapter 18:
Heechul and Hyuk went out for dinner? I thought Hyuk was pretty much a prisoner in that whorehouse. I mean he was really happy that time he went to the hospital since it's the only time he's out of the whorehouse and able to live a regular life, but now he's able to go out to dinner with Heechul.

Of course the one time they are able to go out and enjoy themselves Hyuk has to see Hae on a date with Yoona. Seeing them happy may affect Hyuk's decision to stay by Hae's side or to walk away. I wonder if you'll have it where Hae sees Hyuk at the restaurant or if it's only Hyuk that will see Hae.

Hyukinfinite () says about chapter 18:
poor hyukkie:( I hope he respects himself and don't give in so easily because who would want to share?

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