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❙  'Chocolate Syrup'

❙  'Happy Birthday'

❙  'Abused'

❙  'Merry Christmas'

❙  'Master L'

❙  'The Kitten Maid'

❙  'A Very Happy Halloween'

❙  'High School: Devil's Playground'

 'Stress Relief'





Finally accepting request! Please click HERE to submit your request. And please follow this guide before submitting!

Name: So I can credit you. unless you don't care, then write 'anon'

Theme/Subject: It can be as simple or complex as you want

Rating: Regular or Mature

Paring: Paring MUST include MyungsooxSungjong. However you can add more people. For example MyungsooxSungjongxHoya 


I opened a request shop for non-m stories becuse I have lots of regular stories in mind that I need to put somewhere. Click HERE to go read and request a story!


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AdrianaKissme #2
Chapter 5: Waaa great great <3
AdrianaKissme #3
Chapter 11: This is so wonderful! Omg Bad myungie Hahahhaa .....
Awww Hojong is so cute!!
AdrianaKissme #4
Chapter 4: T-T poor my baby jongie <3 <3 but this is wow..
AdrianaKissme #5
Chapter 6: Omg omg this was amaaaaazing and the last part so cuuuuute <3
ObeyLexus #6
Chapter 5: Your writing is amazing
This collection of stories is like a pot of gold haha
VickyLovesSHINee #7
Omg i love your writing! And the s are seriously hot! Especially the kitten jong and master L ;)
LemonJong_KkamKai #8
Chapter 5: Awwwww i love the endings of the little kitten and master L
-Muasbby #9
I write tew O u O
plz dont read it
Bc u whale judge me
Bc it ain't kaola tea
And it be about exo ew exo wated so much time on them ew
Except for lay
Lay is saw bae
But anyway plz dun read mehs thmut

Loljkayno u can't read it bc it be subscribers only muhAw
coolmage30 #10
Chapter 11: ouch... that must have hurt L and Sung Jong... by the way can you make a sequel :)
YoungeseYuhanKim #11
Chapter 11: I. Am. Melting. Ohmaigod. /Faints.
So. Much. Laff. Everywhere. ;-;