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❙  'Chocolate Syrup'

❙  'Happy Birthday'

❙  'Abused'

❙  'Merry Christmas'

❙  'Master L'

❙  'The Kitten Maid'

❙  'A Very Happy Halloween'

❙  'High School: Devil's Playground'

 'Stress Relief'





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magnoliafrankie #1
Chapter 8: This story is one of the saddest stories I've ever read and it never fails to make me cry every single time no matter how many times I've reread it and that never happens with any other story. It's definitely one of the most emotional story I've ever read.
AdrianaInspirit #2
Chapter 11: Please update ^^ !! U are amazing ;)
lilichingu #3
Chapter 11: Keep going! I really love it! I know noone wants just a comment like 'good work' because everyone wants to know WHY the story / chapter is good. To me, every chapter from you is AMAZING!❤️ So, I'm exciting for new chapters because I actually L. O. V. E. MyungJong! I like that way Myungsoo is caring and hugging Sungjong! Sungie reminds me at a cutie piggy-rabbit
sungjong-juseyo #4
Chapter 8: The angst is too much but ah I really love this chapter
Robins124 #5
Chapter 11: I was sobbing reading the last one
I hope you make another sequel
Bleepblopbloop #6
Chapter 8: OMG YOU MADE ME CRY WHY? Subscribe button. Click.
AdrianaInspirit #7
Chapter 5: Waaa great great <3
AdrianaInspirit #8
Chapter 11: This is so wonderful! Omg Bad myungie Hahahhaa .....
Awww Hojong is so cute!!
AdrianaInspirit #9
Chapter 4: T-T poor my baby jongie <3 <3 but this is wow..