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❙  'Chocolate Syrup'

❙  'Happy Birthday'

❙  'Abused'

❙  'Merry Christmas'

❙  'Master L'

❙  'The Kitten Maid'

❙  'A Very Happy Halloween'

❙  'High School: Devil's Playground'

 'Stress Relief'





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Name: So I can credit you. unless you don't care, then write 'anon'

Theme/Subject: It can be as simple or complex as you want

Rating: Regular or Mature

Paring: Paring MUST include MyungsooxSungjong. However you can add more people. For example MyungsooxSungjongxHoya 


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AdrianaInspirit #1
Chapter 11: Please update ^^ !! U are amazing ;)
lilichingu #2
Chapter 11: Keep going! I really love it! I know noone wants just a comment like 'good work' because everyone wants to know WHY the story / chapter is good. To me, every chapter from you is AMAZING!❤️ So, I'm exciting for new chapters because I actually L. O. V. E. MyungJong! I like that way Myungsoo is caring and hugging Sungjong! Sungie reminds me at a cutie piggy-rabbit
sungjong-juseyo #3
Chapter 8: The angst is too much but ah I really love this chapter
Robins124 #4
Chapter 11: I was sobbing reading the last one
I hope you make another sequel
Bleepblopbloop #5
Chapter 8: OMG YOU MADE ME CRY WHY? Subscribe button. Click.
AdrianaInspirit #6
Chapter 5: Waaa great great <3
AdrianaInspirit #7
Chapter 11: This is so wonderful! Omg Bad myungie Hahahhaa .....
Awww Hojong is so cute!!
AdrianaInspirit #8
Chapter 4: T-T poor my baby jongie <3 <3 but this is wow..
AdrianaInspirit #9
Chapter 6: Omg omg this was amaaaaazing and the last part so cuuuuute <3