'Too Fast To Live, Too Young To Die' (GD&You; We Got Married) & Special

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Okay basically...



We Got Married has a new twist for one special fan/inspiring actress like you/I...

(It's written in the first person)

And amazing in your first audition you get chosen... Two weeks later....





Thank you for my amazing poster ! <3 

D R E A M ★ P H I C S


And my old poster too!

by JDiamante




You/Choi Hana:

You are a young aspiring actress



Leader of Big Bang, Idol and kinda self obsorbed.


Lee Moonah:

Chapter 39+

Hana's best friend winner of apply :) Ivy-Girl


& Big Bang!


2NE1 Appearence:


+ Other Idols that might show up :) hehe


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Skylar154 #1
Chapter 24: wait what happen to G-Dragon did he get shot or hit by a car because It was like: ‘I can’t do this right now.’ He shook his head and walked past me leaving me devastated. I tried to hold back the tears, now falling down my cheeks I walked out the front door behind Jiyong. ‘Jiyong!’ I called for him but he continued to walk. ‘Don’t do this!’ I started to run towards him and then everything went black.


I opened my eyes and saw Jiyong on top of me. I looked at my surroundings and then saw people gathering around us, I moved my hand and went to touch Jiyong who had his eyes closed. I saw blood on my hand and began to shake… ‘Jiyong.’ I whispered. ‘Jiyong…’ repeatedly I called for him but he wouldn’t move. His body limp and almost lifeless on top of me. ‘Jiyong…’.
And i'm like What the heck happened someone plz tell me what happened!!
anitaichwana #2
Ivy-Girl #3
Chapter 66: Sequel (Another LARGE Story containing 40 or more Chapters)
shxnyg #4
Chapter 66: Sequel~~~~~
RegineChua99 #5
Chapter 66: Awesome ! Sequel pleaseeeeeee :)
shinning_true #6
Chapter 66: Daebakkkk!!! Sequell pleasseee authornimmmm!!! Lovee youu! Fighting:))))
pikachan #7
Chapter 28: aw that's cute! kkk i hope they would still wear costumes like that haha!
pikachan #8
Chapter 5: omg i just started reading! hopefully i can catch up soon. this story is fun and unique too! i'm so happy to find this story! yay! more power to you author-nim! fighting!
xx_crayon #9
Chapter 66: I definitely go for a sequel :)