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Ulzzang Photo Gallery ♥


I'm gonna start a gallery for ulzzangs that i know and like.

I also allow you guys to take the pictures for your fanfic(s).

And that's it. I guess?


Note: I don't know ALL of the ulzzangs

         :This is just for fun !


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rejhcandicebernaldez #1
Chapter 2: so cute ^^
myotterprince #2
Chapter 1: <3 cute~~~~~~~~!
rabiosa #3
Chapter 12: SONG AH RI !!!!!!! so prettyyyy
JangHyungmi #4
Chapter 12: I like Kim Shin Yeong the most XD
meggyinspiritxD #5
Chapter 2: Uwaahh my desktop is so full now xD
twentyfourr- #6
Chapter 1: omg. SHE.IS.SO.PRETTEH. *a*
dear-baekhyun #7
I totally love you for posting this :D i always wanted to know where or who the girls in kfashion blogs are :D THANKS:D
khunyoungyes #8
mooooooreeee... i wants more.. im more into Kim Shin Young i guess... :) thank yu for sharing
OnASnowyDay #9
KYAAAAAAAA! Thanks for the pictures :D
lightningstruck #10
I'm so sorry for not updating for so long TvT all this time, i could only open aff with my phone. i hope you guys understand~