Own Me...


     Mir is practically all alone in the world.He decided to live normally and begged his "guardian" to enroll him into high school.Maybe he shouldn't have begged so hard.But...He met Seungho...However,tragedy just had to strike at the wrong moment...



     Seungho squinted,trying to catch a glimpse of the boy sneaking into the school.The sun's rays were such that they blocked his view.It was hard to make out the person who climbed over the school's gate just as the security guard had his back turned,attention on the newspaper in his hands.Seungho knew it must be a boy.He was wearing the black school pants.Like a very terrified and antsy puppy,he darted past the guard with ease,entering the school compound.And then he was nowhere in Seungho's line of sight any longer.


     He stretched his neck further,hoping to spot the messy brown-haired puppy,from his seat.He stopped looking out the window when he heard his name being called out.


     "Neh,songsaengnim?"He asked politely,making sure he looked perfectly composed.


     "Ah,Seungho.What-"He was cut off in the middle of his sentence as the classroom door burst open.


     A cheerful smile lit up the whole class as the puppy entered,greeting the teacher,as he scratched his head playfully.


     "Uh...Who are you?"Mr Ahn asked cautiously.


     "Cheolyongie.Bang Cheolyong,"he replied,flashing an eyesmile.


     The girls were giggling and blushing as they fawned over his cute action.


     Seungho dropped the pen he was twirling around his fingers,flustered.The thud of his pen dropping to the table made the little puppy direct his eyes towards him.Seungho quickly averted his gaze,looking to his left as he pretended to look out the window.


     Mr Ahn was looking through the pile of papers that Cheolyong just gave him.He creased his forehead.


     "Oh.Bang Cheolyong...Hmm.I think you just entered the wrong classroom.They're all third-graders.You're a first year student,right?Your classroom is two floors below this.On the second level,"Mr Ahn explained.


     "Ah!Chincha!I'm so stupid,"Cheolyong hissed as he frowned tiredly.


     The girls went "Awww!" as he greeted the class goodbye.Seungho,still looking out the classroom window,closed his eyes for a second.He didn't know whether he should be relieved or not.He just knew that he didn't like that sinking feeling in his heart when Mr Ahn said that Cheolyong was not going to be in his class.






     Bang Cheolyong leaned against the wall.He didn't feel like entering his class,so he went outside the building to simply relax himself.The sound of the school bell ringing startled him a bit,but then he continued resting his eyes once more.


     So tired.I'm so tired,hyung.Why are you still doing this to me?


     His back ached.His whole body was aching.How could it not ache?After all the relentless ing,how could it not ache?


     Cheolyong,otherwise known as Mir,to his clients,took out a cigarette.He lighted it up,and as he began to smoke,his mind decided to re-visit the memories of the night before.




     "My name is--Ah,you don't really need to know my name,right?"


     Mir blinked his eyes a few times.Um,bwoh?


     "Ah,an innocent one right here.Really innocent..."


     The next thing Mir knew was being tied to the bed as the man ed him.He could remember his legs over the man's shoulder,the sweat dripping to his chest,the constant and never-ending pounding to his--




     Mir began coughing,as he was reminded of that horrible moment.His skin was practically crawling at the thought of the mysterious man.He suddenly felt his cigarette snatched away from his grasp.


     "Yah!"He yelled,as he looked up to face the thief.


     It was that guy.The one who had been ignoring his presence the entire time he'd been in the wrong class.


     "You shouldn't smoke,"he said calmly,dropping the cigarette to the floor and stepping on it.


     Mir rolled his eyes,folding his arms as he looked the do-gooder up and down.


     "Mwoya?I know I'm in school and all but-"He was cut off mid-sentence.


     "Don't risk it.Your life.I'm sure your loved ones don't want you to leave this world so early, right?"He asked,and cracked a smile.


     He ruffled Mir's hair before walking away.


     Angel.Angel.Don't leave me.


     Seungho stopped in his tracks.What--He turned back,but the boy was no longer in sight.


     Mir ran off.He ran and ran.Until he reached a secluded area.Where he crouched as he broke down in tears.When was the last time someone ever said that to him?He couldn't even remember.Ah~I don't even know him,but he's one of the few people who actually wants me well and alive. the world.


     Bang Cheolyong quietly sobbed,unaware of his surroundings.Unaware of the suspicious-looking man spying on him from outside the school compound,through the wired fence.



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Karenkitty1092 #2
Chapter 3: This story is awesome.I hope you update it soon.
GenerationX #3
Chapter 3: Oh! I love this story! I really who Seungho is. He can't be some plain human, right? I mean, otherwise, Mir wouldn't call him "angel" and This Consulate puzzles me! It's really interesting! Keep going please!:)
asherence #4
This is probably the only Mirho fic that i love so much! :D I'm constantly checking if there's an update haha~ Love Seungho here!

Will aticipate for your next update!
exo_23 #5
seungho is great
innersense #6
This is CUTE. I love Seungho in here, love it by far! <3 :D
lollysheep #7
Great great great great fic *-*
I love it so far!!
I hope you'll update soon! <3
blacklite_lulu2429 #8
please update soon
@AZUMIX I'll try to update soon,sweetie~I'm so glad you find it exciting!~

@Memisho Nah,Seungho wasn't dreaming.He just thought he was.Ah...You'll just have to wait for the next chapter then~ ♥

@MelonCandy ^^;; Uwahh thank you.Sorry to bother you all with my rather stilted way of writing.It's not amazing at all,heh.And yeah...Soyeon saw the vision in Mir's head...I wonder why.. ;)
MelonCandy #10
Oh good Lord! O__O
Remind me why I love this again xD
I swear, you are AMAZING. I love youuuu!! Kyak kyak kyak!!
One thing I don't understand.. what happened with Soyeon and Mir? Did she see that image too?
Divakey0305 #11
Yyyaaaaaaaaa Want mooore!!!!